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zhengzhou allance food machine

Hand Push Food Carts

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The hand push food cart is pushed by human hands to move. This food trolley can be used for vending kinds of food in the street. We can supply various models for you to choose. This kind of mobile food carts have fashion outer appearance and bright colors, they can attract people’s attention easily. Stable performance, easy to operate and high profits!

Trolly Food Cart Features
1. CE Approved, durable, safe and reliable.
2. The contacted food parts are made of Stainless Steel, healthy, clean and no-rust.
3. Pushed by hands, energy saving and environmental protection.
4. Simple structure, small footprint, can be used at any places.
5. Two or three people can stand inside for cooking.
6. Humanized construction and design, fashion appearances, bright colors.
7. Can be customized according to your requirements.
8. There are Standard Equipment and Optional Equipments to meet to your needs.

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