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zhengzhou allance food machine

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Address: jinshui road

Phone: 86-37-65950319

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zhengzhou allance food machine

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Allance is one of China largest food machine suppliers which has been well known for wide ranges of food processing machines and one-stop intimate services. With extensive professional experience and close market research, we have already fixed our exact market position in different continents and spread our products throughout the world such as Europe, South Asia, East Asia, Africa, Australia and America.
As a trustable food machinery supplier, we have abundant machine storage and continuous supply. Taking customers’ real situations or budget into consideration, our professional technicians are available to tailor the exact machine you need and achieve on-the-spot installation if necessary.

We focus on becoming the elite of food processing machine supplier and strive for convincing customers by our one-stop and considerate service. We are broadening food machine types, doing more precise market research and establishing long-term cooperation system to stand the 1st on worldwide food machinery supplier list.

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Company Name: zhengzhou allance food machine
City: Zhengzhou
Province: Henan
Address: jinshui road