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API Standard Hollow Sucker Rod Solid Sucker Rod Oil Drilling Equipment

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API Standard Hollow Sucker Rod Solid Sucker Rod Oil Drilling Equipment

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Product Details

API 11B API Standard Oil Drilling Equipment For Hollow Sucker Rod Solid Sucker Rod And Pony Rod 3/4 ", 7/8 ", 25Ft AISI 4130 


Products Description:


A string or solid or hollow tubular that is moved by a pump jack at the surface to operate a rod pump at the bottom of the well.

The sucker rod is a special sucker rod designed for oil extraction of high pour point, high viscosity and high wax content. It is combined with threaded joints, sealing and rod body. The rod body is made of seamless steel tube and the threaded joint is connected with the rod body through friction welding and heat treatment. The pin thread is formed by roller.The sucker rod has hollow sucker rod and hollow polished sucker rod, hollow pony rod types.




1. The threaded joint is designed with bearing surface to make the joint more reliable.

2. Sucker rod structure can be injected with hot oil, vapor. It can also be used for running heating cable.

3. High rigidity to bear large torque.

4. Connection type: coupling connection and direct connection.

5. There are plastic caps to protect thread of sucker rod.

6. Metal pallet package for saving space and convenient to transport.


Grade Detail:


1. Grade D 1 inch Oilfield hollow sucker rod for well drilling oil gas producing

2. Grade C sucker rod: Moderate strength, not susceptible to sulfide stress cracking, suitable in sour medium.
3. Grade D sucker rod: Made of quality heat treated steel alloy, with high tensile and yield strength; suitable for non-corroding or mildly corroding environment.

4. Grade HL and HY sucker rod: High strength; structure and size matching with grade D sucker rod; withstanding 966-1, 136 MPa (140, 000-164, 720 psi); suitable for deep and large displacement wells

5. Grade K, KD sucker rod: With good corrosion resistance in H2S, CO2 and NaCl media, superior tensile strength.


Specification Of Sucker Rod and Pony Rod:


ItemRod bodyNominal threadO.D. JointWrench sizeLength
DiameterThicknessLengthThicknessRodPony Rod
ZS3232mm5.5mm1-7/16"50mm35mm46mm7.5m - 9m0.6m, 1m - 3.5m
ZS3434mm5.0mm, 5.5mm1-9/16"50mm35mm46mm7.5m - 9m0.6m, 1m - 3.5m
ZS3636mm5.0mm, 5.5mm, 6.0mm1-9/16"50mm35mm46mm7.5m - 9m0.6m, 1m - 3.5m
ZS3838mm6.0mm1-3/4"56mm41mm49mm7.5m - 9m0.6m, 1m - 3.5m
ZS4242mm6.0mm1-7/8"60mm41mm54mm7.5m - 9m0.6m, 1m - 3.5m
ZS4848mm5.5mm2"62mm41mm58mm7.5m - 9m0.6m, 1m - 3.5m



Specification of Polished Rod:


ItemRod bodyNominal threadO.D. JointWrench sizeLength
 DiameterThickness  LengthThickness 
ZS3636mm6.0mm, 6.5mm1-9/16"50mm35mm46mm7.5m - 9m
ZS3838mm6.0mm1-3/4"56mm41mm49mm7.5m - 9m
ZS4242mm6.0mm1-7/8"60mm41mm54mm7.5m - 9m


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