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Door style elevator

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Door style elevator

Country/Region China
City & Province Shenzhen Guangdong
Categories Faucets, Mixers & Taps

Product Details

1.Name:door style conveyor
3.1 Application:rubber material which comes from 55 or 75L dispersion mixer, will be carried to the next processing station by bucket conveyor. The highest temperature of rubber material is 150 ℃.
3.2 Quantity:One set.
3.3 Machine
3.3.1 Form:Bucket conveyor
3.3.2 Volume of carryingApproximately 70kg( non-including the weight of bunker )
3.3.3 Size of bunker :700W×830L×500H
3.3.4 Material:SUS304Thickness: 3mm
3.3.5 Velocity:7.9m/min(A C frequency conversion motor1.5kW

2.1 Material:SUS304 Thickness:3mm
2.2 Size:700W×830L×500H
2.3 Processing:bending processingno right angle in internal surface, circularity transition(acid pickling in internal surface)
3.Carrying section
3.1 Form:chain style transmission
3.2 Velocity of carrying:7.9m/min(variable velocity)
Ascending and descending slide low velocity shift
3.3 Weight of carrying:Approximately 70kg + weight of bunker

4.Tilting section
4.1 Tilting angle: 135°
4.2 Others:After tiltingthe bottom of bunker will be over the pad of open mill; all of chains are with defense cover.
5.1 Safety installation: equipment brakes while door opening.
5.2 While door is closed, the bunker can not be moved as well as mixer.
5.3 Interlock
5.3.1 Prepare for unloading done(instruction light is on, and sending a signal to mixer means unloading permitted.)only the bunker which is on the descending and pause position willsend a signal.
5.3.2 After unloading done(instruction light is on, a signal is sent by mixer, and the bunker carrying permitted )Only the material comes from mixer and mixer tilts to the original position, then the signal will be sent.
5.3.3 Preparation done for two rolling mixing rubber machine(two signals sent by two rolling mixing rubber machine, permitting tilting and feeding material )only the pad of two rolling mixing rubber machine is on the position, withdraw material pad will send signal.
6.1 Operation
6.2 Manually controlling carrying machine to unloading, tilting and withdrawing to the original position on open mill.
6.3 Attention to the interlock for mixer and open mill.
6.4 Circularity must be in internal surface of bunker, and right angle and included angle are forbidden.
7.Security ( 1 )
7.1 Bearing lubrication and compressed air are not allowed to leak.
7.2 Wire and pipe must be equipped with plastics.
7.3 Motor must be marked with rotating direction.
7.4 Light and switch must be installed in control Unit.
7.5 The box of chains must be marked with model.
7.6 Number of wire must be marked.
7.7 Switch of level limit must have action instruction light.
8.Security ( 2 )
8.1Brake button for emergency ( with locking )open after rotating, which is equipped on both sides .
8.2 All of parts equipped with defense net, the section of working equipped with defense net and fixed by bolt( sectional )
8.3 Security sign
8.4 Abiding by the law of PRC.
8.5 Solution and sign for bolt looseness.
8.6 All of interlock(mixer, open mill)
9, Noise:Below 80DB
10, Operation box and control unit equipped with waterproof and dustproof structure.
11, Color is provided by customer.

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