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Sectional Lift Door Vertical Panel Lifting Industrial Sectional Door For Garage Use

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Sectional Lift Door Vertical Panel Lifting Industrial Sectional Door For Garage Use

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Sectional Lift Door Vertical Panel Lifting Industrial Sectional Door For Garage Use

   Make a modern yet elegant impression by styling up your property with an attractive sectional panel lift door from FAMOUS. Sectional (Panel Lift) Doors comprise a number of horizontal hinged rigid sections / panels which slide along overhead tracks parallel with the ceiling space creating a lightweight stylish garage door but also gives the benefit of being able to install it on nearly every type of garage opening shape.

The sectional door remains inside the garage as it operates unlike one-piece tilt doors, they do not protrude forward into the driveway. This means that you can park your car directly against your garage door without the worry that of it getting damaged or hit by a door opening into it. At FAMOUS, we design our doors with strength and durability. We use galvanized steel tracks and hinges which are designed to suit weights and cycles exceeding standard domestic sectional doors. The hinges are fully adjustable, so the outside finish is perfectly flat and has minimal gaps around the edge of the door. Each panel is constructed of the highest quality materials not only to look professional and attractive but to provide protection from intruders and all types of weather.


Product Overview: 




ComponentTechnical feature
Product nameSectional lifting doors
SizeCustomized as order ,etc
Product standardCE/ISO 9001 ,etc
Installation environment

installation site :outer opening

Wind load :28m/s ,Class 10

Decorative surface designDoor plank of double-sided adopt color contour plate H480 plate type polyurethane foam sandwich panel,plate width 480mm,thickness:40mm .polyurethane core material density>=48kg/m3 polyurethane core material closed pore >=97%
Periphery sealing rubberAll sectional overhead doors equipment with top and bottom seals.further,all tracks provided with rubber seals between tracks and door panels to provided excellent sealing between door tracks and door leafs.
Electrical design and selection of the motorThe door use Motor-Baisheng and the motor of the control system configuration, clutch system, transmission system, professional used in industrial building door to open the door machine, stable and reliable performance, refined and beautiful appearance, for aluminum alloy die casting shell body movement only by wind pressure produced by the rolling friction, starts the friction resistance produced by the inertia resistance and sealing, 0.75 KW and 1.5 KW electric motor and motor selection control box can determine the installation position according to the requirement
Steel cordRope wheel diameter and wire rope ratio was 22.9 (national standard of 22.4)
Track and weight balance systemThe guide use high quality carbon structural steel and the wire rope safety coefficient for 7.6times(the national standard),Rope wheel diameter and wire rope ratio was 22.9 (national standard of 22.4),it suitable for frequent use for a long time Active chain safety coefficient is 4.2 times (the national standard for 4) chain drive is accurate and guarantee the accuracy of the gate the smooth movement, door plank guarantee level counterweight system with guide rail, to rolling friction, guide to smooth noise counterweight box lateral sealing plate, the material is the same as the door,and exterior effect one integrated mass.
Safety equipmentInfrared induction brake gate on both sides of the set inside ,when the person or object within a certain range close to the door, the door automatically stops running, within the scope of people and objects left the door to alert, door will run after receiving run the command again.At the bottom of the door plank with Swiss Bircher induction, if there is object at the door down,the door will automatically return to the open position Pedestrian tunnel door is opened and the gate can't move.Active chain safety lock has broken and anti-theft function.


Main features: 


1.Vertical lift doors can be used on both exterior and interior walls and come with a variety of options. Doors can be constructed from steel, aluminum or glass, depending on the application and requirements for thermal efficiency, wind code requirements, aesthetic preference or door opening size.


2.Vertical Lift Doors can be designed with up to five panels and slide straight up the wall. These doors can telescope or stack side-by-side overhead. The Vertical Lift Doors are commonly used by large distribution centers with high ceiling clearance and provide full overhead clearance around the loading area. A simple counterweight design is used which eliminates the use of torsion springs that often break and require emergency service calls.


3.The centerpiece of the FAMOUS product line. Vertical lift products are the doors of choice by automotive and heavy industry. Available with single or multi-leaf configurations, these doors are clad with heavy gauge face sheets and fabricated with a wide range of options.


4.Counterweighted, structural steel framing,14-gauge exterior/16-gauge interior steel cladding,Meets all wind loading requirements,3" minimum thickness Maintenance. 





Interior or exterier mounted
Automotive plants
Steel mills and mining operations
Test cells, ovens, soak rooms and wind tunnel applications
Assembly and manufacturing areas
Hangar doors
Railroad entries




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