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100% Nylon Stretch Lace Fabric Khaki Color , Cutting Lace Fabric For Uniform / Coated

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100% Nylon Stretch Lace Fabric Khaki Color , Cutting Lace Fabric For Uniform / Coated

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Product Details

khaki colour pu leather polyester laser cut lace fabric for uniform or coated


Product Description:Mesh Lace Fabric


Pacakge:Mesh Lace Fabric


1.Inner packing:packed by roll,then wrapped in plastic bags.

2.Outer packing:standard export cartons/woven bags/accordings to your request.

3.Delivery time:around25-30days after the deposit received,for urgent order,eveything can be negotiate.


Lace fabric Introduction ( khaki colour pu leather polyester laser cut lace fabric for uniform or coated )

Lace fabrics, lace fabrics are mainly used in the following categories: 1 spring autumn: mainly nylon, cotton, polyester, and then with spandex and other medium-thickness fabrics. 2 summer dress: thin fabrics based on nylon or polyester. 3 winter clothing: mainly nylon, cotton, polyester, and more thick fabric with spandex. 4 underwear: based on nylon and high elastic fabrics, is an indispensable material for sexy underwear.

Lace fabrics are very versatile and can cover the entire textile industry. All textiles can be joined with some beautiful lace elements.

Chinese name Lace fabric Foreign name LACE Classification Spring autumn use Road Cover all textile industry Kinds Elastic lace fabric / non-elastic lace machine Warp knitting machine / computer / lace machine


Lace uses nylon, polyester, cotton and rayon as the main raw materials. If it is supplemented with spandex or elastic yarn, it can be elastic.

Nylon (or polyester) + spandex: common stretch lace

Nylon + Polyester + (Spandex): It can be made into two-color lace, which is made of different colors dyed by brocade and polyester.

Full polyester (or full nylon): It can be divided into monofilament and filament. Monofilaments are mostly used in wedding dresses; filaments can be used to imitate cotton.

Nylon (polyester) + cotton: can be made into a different color effect.



Production and purchase ( khaki colour pu leather polyester laser cut lace fabric for uniform or coated )


Lace first appeared in the United States. The production of lace is a very complicated process. It is made of silk or yarn according to a certain pattern. Unlike some traditional Chinese laces, it is hooked or embroidered. Need to put the thread on the top of a small shuttle, each shuttle is only the size of the thumb. A less complex pattern requires dozens or nearly a hundred such shuttles, and a larger pattern requires hundreds of shuttles. At the time of production, the pattern is placed below, and different patterns, knots, and wraps are used according to the pattern.


A less complicated pattern requires a skilled female worker to spend a month or more to complete. Because the technique of knitting is different from person to person, lace works are usually done by one person independently, so each lace is unique. Usually, the lace is finished after dyeing, and the advanced lace is dyed first. These hand-made laces are used on some high-end fashion or royal interiors, which are rarely seen by ordinary people. Because of the exquisite route, the lace products adopt the global limited production method. Every batch of lace products has to be registered, and when sold out, it will never be produced again. Therefore, it is favored by nobles abroad. The so-called "lace" used in clothing refers to all kinds of lace, mostly produced by machines.


How to care for lace ( khaki colour pu leather polyester laser cut lace fabric for uniform or coated )


Lace is made of 100% polyester or half polyester half cotton. Try not to put it in the washing machine. The fine lace needs to be hand washed or taken to a professional dry cleaner.

When cleaning lace, use mild soap or a detergent that cleans delicate textiles.

Before cleaning, put the towel in the pool, wash it and then use the towel to pick up the lace. This will prevent the lace from being accidentally pulled off.

Wrap the wet lace in a towel to remove moisture, then spread them on the table to dry naturally.





1. Q: Ordering Information?

A: 1. Payment: we usually accept T/T with 30% deposit,L/C, please send email to negotiate

payment term if you can not accept T/T or L/C.

2. Packing: In roll packing with tubes inside and plastic bags outside or according to

customers' request.


2. Q: Why choose us/Pairss?

A: 1. We buy yarn, produce greige fabric and dying or print by ourselves, which makes more

outstanding price and faster delivery.

2. We work with big brand customers in North America, Europe, South America.

3. We have standard testing report from SGS or ITS for different market.

4. We have good experience on providing high quality service to retailers.


3. Q: How to make an order?

A: 1. Counter sample/ Labdip approval.

2. Buyer makes 30% deposit or open LC after receiving our PI.

3. After shipping sample approved by buyer, and get the testing report if any necessary,

arrange shipment.

4. Supplier arrange necessary documents and send copy of these documents, Client

effects balance payment.



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