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Decorative Spear Top Security Zinc Steel Fencing , Metal Three Rails

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Decorative Spear Top Security Zinc Steel Fencing , Metal Three Rails

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Decorative Spear Top Security Zinc Steel Fencing, Metal Three Rails



Product Description


The fence panels are manufactured by new advance hot galvanizing process. It is assembled
with different sizes tube.Four anti corrosion treatment, good corrosion resistance and long
Durability. The accessories using for fence products are waterproof ring, stainless steel anti theft bolts and decorative rings, spring clips, U type clip. Without welding, fence pipes surface clean and can be assembled on-site installation time well easily.


Spec details as follows


Width 2400mm x Height 2100mm spear top


40x40x1.6mm top rail, 25x25x1.2 Verticals


There are 17 vertical pickets 25x25 with diamond crimped on top.


Gap in between the pickets is 110mm


Please note we also have more to complete your job.


65x65x2mm thick post - these are 3m long each not 2.6m long as others supply.


Normal fence powder coated brackets


Security fence brackets ( powder coated )


Caps for 65x65 posts (powder coated )


All panels are fully protected



Black Spear Top Picket Fence Panel
TypeSecurity & Decorative fence

1.5m, 1.8m, 2m, 2.1m H*1.8m, 2m 2.4mW


Uprights25*25*1.2mm (thickness)*17 pieces
Rails32*32*1.2mm , 40*40*1.2mm , 40*40*1.5mm , 45*45*1.2mm, 40*40mm*1.6mm (thickness)
Picket pipe16*16*1.0mm , 19*19*1.0mm , 25*25*1.0mm,25*25*1.2mm,25*25*1.5mm

50*50*1.5mm,60*60*1.5mm,65*65*1.5mm 60*60mm*2mm (thickness)

post length: 1.9m,2.2m,2.4m,2.5m ,2.6m,2.7m

GapGap between the pickets is110mm
MaterialHot-dip galvanized steel
FinishPowder Coating

Phosphate treated

before powder coating

Type 1: The rails and the pickets

are connected, then weld.

Type 2: First let the pickets go

through the rails, then weld.


Features of Spear Topp Steel Fence


----Hot dip galvanized coating fence gathers rust not easily, and fastness, there weren’t appear crack, fall off. This product with beautiful appearance, elegant style, excellent anticorrosion performance and convenient installation gets the market’s recognition.

----High strength, antirust, longer life, suitable for a wide range of unique structural design of the varieties, showing the diversity and beautiful.

---The surface of the products introduce powder coating, it has an attractive appearance, and colors can be freely matched, better than rainbow.




Plastic foam and metal pallet for fence panels packing

Fence post: every post pack with a plastic film bag(the cap is welded well on the post)+pallet
Cartons for clips, screws and nuts packing




1. For highway, railway, or on both sides of highways, Bridges used as isolation gate

2. can be used as a protective belt, airport, port, terminal security, parks, the lawns, zoos, ponds, roads municipal construction project, residential areas Isolation

3. Municipal construction of parks, lawns, zoo, ChiHu isolation and protection, roads, residential area, hotel, hotels, supermarkets, entertainment protective and decorative















































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