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Star Laboratories co.,ltd

Star Laboratories co.,ltd

About Us

We are a large company with many division:
  1. Labatex, Factory located at Rajawali 70, pekalongan city in Mid Java, Indonesia: producing Batik pattern saroung, garment, duster, short pant and full/ queen size bed sheet, white muslim/ islamic praying shirt.
  2. Star Laboratories Surabaya, Factory located at Kapas Krampung 135, Surabaya in East Java, Indonesia: producing the lowest price and pretty good quality of fruit taste beverages, isotonik beverages ( similar to pocari sweat gatorade, powerade) ,and also producing many herbal medicines which are very effective to cure heart disease, cholestrol, liver disease/ cancer, diabetic, male impotency (much cheaper price than viagra), skin disease and pimples, itch mites in skin (Scabies), mosquito repellant which is very safe for your sensitive skin.
We are also welcome your business inquiry and also accept free consultation for your health problem/ disease/ cancer. please contact me at:
Budi Harto
Director of Star Laboratories
Office address: Kapas Krampung 135, Surabaya
Cell phone: 62-816525328 and 62-31-70979907.
Fax phone: 62-31-7326187.
We have most of the product you need at lowest price and good quality.
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Company info

Company Name: Star Laboratories co.,ltd
Country: China
Website: http://www.star-laboratories.com/