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Commercial Yogurt Production Line For Bacterial Seeding Cultivation CE Certificate

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Commercial Yogurt Production Line For Bacterial Seeding Cultivation CE Certificate

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Product Details

              Sanitary Stainless Steel CE Certificate Commerical Yogurt Production Line


1. Introduction of Yogurt Production Line :



This tank usually used for bacterium seeding cultivating, which is used to make zymogen for yogurt and for mixing all kinds of materials in dairy industry.


The fermentation tank is used for mechanical blending and fermentation of milk. The tank adopts internal recycling made and blending paddle to distribute and break up bubbles. Therefore, high speed of oxygen solution and goo quality of blending can be achieved. Tank body is made of SUS304 stainless steel or SUS316L stainless steel and automatic spraying and cleaning nozzle in the tank to ensure producing procedure comply with GMP requirements


1. Fermentation tank is made of SUS304 stainless steel;
2. With cylindrical tank body;
3. With conical cover;

4. Equipped with manhole;

5. Digital thermometer;

6. CIP spray ball;

7. Four supporting legs;

8. Temperature and level transmitters;
9. Heating and cooling jacket;
10. with PU as insulation;

11. Equipped with agitator on top which is controlled by engine, widely used for milk fermentation or ice cream aging;

12. The capacity range is 200L to 100,000L.

2.  Technical Parameter :

AMilk Receiving System
A1Electic poundWeighing range: 0~500kg1
A2Milk weighing tankSUS304, 300L1
A3Milk receiving tankSUS304, 500L1
A4Centrifugal pumpSUS304, Flow 5T/H, Lift 24m1
A5Pipe filterSUS304, 100mesh1
A6Milk cooling tankSUS304, Jacket tank, 10000L3
A8CentrifugeSUS316L, 5T/H1
A9Skim milk tankSUS304, Jacket tank, 5000L1
A10Thin cream tankSUS304, Jacket tank, 1000L1
A11Centrigual pumpSUS304, Flow 10T/H, Lift 24m3
BBlending System
B1Syrup melting tankSUS304, Insulated mixing tank, 1000L1
B3Blending tankSUS304, Mixing tank, 5000L2
B4Duplex filterSUS304, 100mesh1
B5Centrifugal pumpSUS304, Flow 10T/H, Lift 24m2
CSterilization System
C1PasteurizerSterilizing temperature: 72~98ºC, 5T/H1
C2HomogenizerWorking pressure: 25MPa, 5T/H1
C3Holding tankSUS304, Holding time: 300sec1
DYogurt Fermentation System
D1Fermentation tankSUS304, Jacket tank, 5000L4
D2Rotor pumpSUS304, Flow 10T/H2
D3Cooling platesSUS3041
ECheese & Butter Processing System
E1Cheese vatSUS304, Jacket tank, 5000L2
E2Pre-pressSUS304, automatic1
E3Cheese pressSUS304, Capacity: 500kg/batch1
E4MouldSUS304, Square50
E5Salt bath poolSUS316L, 10000*2000*1200MM1
E6Butter churnerSUS304, 800L1
E7Butter moulding machineSUS3041
E8Cutting machineSUS304, Pneumatic1
FWater treatment System
F1Water treatment machineCapacity: 5T/H1
F2Raw water tankSUS304, 5000L1
F3Pure water tankSUS304, 5000L1
F4Water pumpSUS304, Flow 10T/H1
GCIP System
G1CIP machineCapacity: 2000L1
G2CIP return pumpSelfpriming, 20T/H4
HAuxiliary equipment
H1Chiller40,000 KCal1




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