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Colored 10 Mm Hex Flange Head Self Drilling Screws , Metal Roofing Screws With Washers

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Colored 10 Mm Hex Flange Head Self Drilling Screws , Metal Roofing Screws With Washers

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Product Details

Colored 10 Mm Hex Flange Head Self Drilling Screws , Metal Roofing Screws With Washers

1. Descriptions:


 1. Name: DIN7504K hex washer head self drilling screws, roofing screws

 2. Grade: C1018, C1022, SUS201,SUS410,SUS304,SUS316,A2-70,A2-80,A4-80

 3. Size: 3.5mmx10mm--6.3x200mm

 4. Standard: DIN7504K

 5. Certification: ISO9001, SGS, CTI, ROHS

 6. Thread: full thread, half thread

 7. Groove: philips, pozi, socket, hex, square, slotted, combined

Length: from 10mm--200mm
Material1.Stainless steelSUS201,304,316,410
2.Carbon steelC1018,C1022,C10B21,C10B33,C1035,C1045,C435#,40CrMo,42CrMo
3. Alloy steelSCM435,C10B21,C10B33
4. Iron1213,12L,1215, etc.
 2. Applications:
       Self Drilling screws, which the tail is sharp end or the drill,. Without the aid of processing, the screws can be set up on the base material, direct drilling, tapping, locking, significant which can save much construction time. For more common screws, the screws maintain high power. After long time of the combination is not loose, the use of safe drilling tapping once simple operation.

       They are mainly used in steel steel tile fixing can also be used for sheet simple building fixed. It can not be used for metal to metal bonded and fixed.


 3. Features:


     Self tapping drill point is designed for penetration into heavy gauge metal
  Hex head provides maximum driving torque with a flat bearing surface
  Also available with #3 point

 4. Technical Data of drilling screws:
Tensile strength kgf (Min)
ItemsThe steel board#12 (dia.5.5mm)#14 (dia.6.3mm)
1thicknessNo.3 drill PointNo.5 drill PointNo.3 drill PointNo.5 drill Point
2 6mm thick steel board12mm thick steel board6mm thick steel board12mm thick steel board
32300-- 310-- 
43530-- 580-- 
54780 --800-- 
66810-- 900-- 
710-- 920-- 1050
812-- 920-- 1050


Self tapping screw ASA TYPE AB(B)
sizesthread No/P(T)outer dia.rolling dia.
1 / 4146.
5 / 16128.007.826.756.70


5 . Installation Guide:

  • Insert the 8 or 10 mm (according to required size) hex head adapter into the drill motor. Center the adapter into the drill’s chuck to ensure that adaptor does not wander.
  • Put on the safety glasses to protect your eyes.
  • Inspect the hex end of the adaptor for cleanliness. If metal shavings are built up inside the tip, insert the drilling end of the screw into the cavity of the hex head while holding the trigger of the drill.
  • Place a self-drilling screw into the hex head adapter.
  • Depress the trigger of the drill slowly, while the drilling tip of the screw rests against the metal. Increase the speed of the drill when the screw finds its center.
  • Stop drilling when the head of the self drilling screw tightens against the surface of the metal. If the drill you are using does not have a clutch, pay close attention to the screw head, as too much pressure will either snap the screw of strip the threads formed in the metal by the screw.
  • Perform Step 3 before you install another self drilling screws


 6. More pictures:





DIN7504K Painted head hex washer self drilling screws




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