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Spirulina Powder Spray Drying Machine , Close Loop Pilot Scale Atomizer Spray Dryer

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Spirulina Powder Spray Drying Machine , Close Loop Pilot Scale Atomizer Spray Dryer

Country/Region china
City & Province changzhou jiangsu
Categories Laser Equipment

Product Details

Spirulina Powder SUS304 SU316 LPG Series High speed Centrifugal Ephedra sinica extract Spray Drying Equipment for foodstuff


- ISO9001:2000
- Economic solution
- rich experience for various product drying






This equipment is a kind of device that can finish drying and granulation at the same time. According to the requirements of technology, you can adjust the pressure of charging pump, flow quantity and the size of orifice. After the drying, a certain proportion of spherical particles (powder, flake, particle etc. ) will be obtained to meet your needs.




- The tower body contacting with materials, pipes and separator is all made of SUS304.

- In addition, our factory can provide different heating mode ( Electricity / Gas fuel furnace / Steam / Oil furnace /Coal fuel furnace ) according to the actual needs of users.

- According to hight and space limitation, we can design different model (vertical / horizontal spray dryer).





1. Chemical Industry:


organic catalyst, resin, synthesized soap powder, oil, dyestuff, intermedium of dyestuff, white carbon black, graphite, magnesia, porcelain clay, metal oxide, etc.


2. Food Industry:


amino acid, seasoning, protein, starch , dairy products, coffee extraction, fish powder,etc.


3. Pharmaceutical Industry:
traditional Chinese medicine, agricultural chemicals, antibiotic, drug, etc.




a. The advanced and mature manufacturing technologies for the drying machines introduced from abroad features unique recovery system for tail gas heat energies that can tus drastically reduce energy consumption and improve the comprehensive use ratio of heat in the drying machine.


b. A series of technological process of materials pulverization, dehydration and drying of hot wind, transmission of low-speed circulation scraper blade, de-dust of air-exhaustion cloth bag, powder discharging and so on are finished in a compact drying box for a horizontal dryig machine that would reduce the land consumption.


c. Cleaning on the internal device would be safe and easy in the box of a horizontal drying machined that only requires a high-pressurred cleaning machine easily done by workers on their feet.



  1. YIBU conventional Spray Dryer turns liquid into powder in a highly efficient manner. It is used within fields as diverse as the dairy, food and chemicals industries where it has won renown for its performance. With more than 2,500 spray dryers installed worldwide, YIBU Dryer combines experience and cutting-edge technology into added-value solutions for its customers.
  2. Designed for the specific product to be dried in compliance with a given industry’s standards and requirements, the conventional Spray Dryer produces a fine powder with particle sizes between 20-300 my. It is primarily applied in the chemical industry, but it has also proved valuable in the production of food and dairy products.
  3. Atomization of the concentrate takes place via either a Rotary Atomizer or high-pressure nozzles. The drying air enters through the air disperser at a high velocity, ensuring optimal mixing with the atomized concentrate. Evaporation is instantaneous, taking place as the droplets pass through the drying chamber.
  4. Complete control of moisture content, particle structure, particle size distribution, solubility, and wettability, and retention of natural aromas and flavours.
  5. Unbeatable performance/cost ratio Energy efficient components, continuous and rapid drying, ease of operation and process automation provide complete control over yield and costs.
Inlet temperature≤ 350°C
Outlet temperature80-90°C
evaporate capacity (kg/h)52550100150200-3000
driving typecompressed air drivemechanical drive
Rotate speed250002200021500180001800015000
diameter of atomizer tray (mm)50120120120150180-340
heating sourceelectricityelectricityelectricity +steam+fuel oil+coal gaselectricity +steamelectricity +steam+fuel oil+coal gasTo be solved by users
Electric-heating power (kw)945608199 
Dried powder recovery rate (%)≥ 95≥ 95≥ 95≥ 95≥ 95≥ 95
Installation sizeA(mm)10001290173025002800according to practical needs
φ D(mm)10601800213325602860




Production process

Design → Raw material inspection →laser cutting machine→ Welding→ Inspection → Polishing → Inspection→Assembling → inspection → Package → Delivery

From design to assembly and then ship the unit, every step we require our workers to control the quality strictly, so that each unit can be delivered perfectly.


2.png 3.png





( Deteching Instrument )



Our Advantages
1. We use high-end imported brands of instruments and processing machines, to create superior quality machine for you ; YIBU makes you feel free about the after-sales service.
2. We provide the spare parts with the cost of the spare parts themselves for lifelong time .

3. We can make the machine based on the customer request .

4. For the material for the machine ,we have several kinds of raw material for choice Such as SUS304 ,316L , carbon steel as well as others .

5. For the heating source for the machine , we can make it based on the available facility at customer site ,such steam ,electricity ,gas-furnace and so on.

6. we invited and pointed Professor Arun s. Mujumdar, the lifetime chairman of International Drying Conference and the winner of “Friendship Award” of the Chinese government as our technical consultant as to keep YIBU machine with the world advantage technology;

7. We have R&d team ,and can help customer to design his process of the product .

8. For the motor , we have more choices , such ABB,SEW,Siemens and so on .

9. For the burner , we have choices of Usgas ,Rellio or other international brand .

11. For shaft , we can choose SKF ,Japan NSK bearings.etc .

12. Our machine we can design with explosion proof , dust -free, water-free , sealed circulating .

13. Guarantee /warranty :1year calculating from the day of successful installation and commissioning.

14. Package : wooden packing . Special fumigation -free wooden material . Or according to customer requirement .

15. Product special features : A. Dust-proof ,heat-proof ,oil -proof ,explosion -proof ;

B. Green,Environment performance;




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