Sheet Metal Spot Welder Machine , Steel Floor Panel Automatic Welding Machine

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Sheet Metal Spot Welder Machine , Steel Floor Panel Automatic Welding Machine

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City & Province shenzhen guangdong
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Sheet Metal Spot Welder Machine , Steel Floor Panel Automatic Welding Machine




According to your product, and the characteristics of long secondary of automatic moving. The machine adopts the method of automatic feeding, and cylinder locates the position of product. The table adopts design of ball head so that it is more convenient to move the sheet metal. This machine is suitable for welding the steel sheet and supports within 650mm x 650mm.


Machine Composition

  • Machine Frame:It adopts reinforced special design steel frame with C structure. The gravity reasonably ensures strength and stability of the machine frame when at high speed running.
  • Power Source System: Adopt 4 sets of 50KVA special resistance welding transformer as the welding power source. Single-spot welding. Continuous duty cycle rate is 25%; the output current is larger than 21000A of one transformer. The executive standard is GB/15578-2008; the magnetic permeability of forced temperature control cooling water silicon steel sheet is larger than 12000GS; special cooling water subloop; It can ensure the output welding current of the whole machine is constant and powerful in order to obtain high quality, high efficiency, stable welding spots.
  • Main Engine Control System: Adopt the self-developed intelligent microcomputer quick response touch controller, all-digital control, simple and clear operational interface. Automatic testing and compensation which could guarantee the situation that the machine will be at work only when the current value is in the preset data so as to ensure the stability of welding effect and effective prevention of undesirable phenomena like loose welding and cold joint. The features of quick response and high precision of control may help you obtain high quality of welding spots.


  • Welding Electrode System(Pressurizing Structure):

It adopts 8 sets of air cylinder driving electrode. The stroke is 50mm and the cylinder diameter is 80mm. According to the welding requirement of this product, the 8 sets of welding electrode can be separately chosen to work.There are 4 sets of power source which means 4 welding electrodes can be set to work together .






S.NItemsWl-SQ- 50Kx4
1Input Voltage380V single phase
3Input Current400A
4Output Voltage12V
5Maximum Welding Current21000Ax4
6Maximum Welding Model101Kinds
7Welding Electrode10
8Effective Welding Width650mm
9The size of working table800x1500mm












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