Terminal Copper Wire Spot Welding Machine , Stainless Steel Spot Welder

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Terminal Copper Wire Spot Welding Machine , Stainless Steel Spot Welder

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Terminal Copper Wire Spot Welding Machine , Stainless Steel Spot Welder




MF DC Inverter Spot Welding Machine is a set of advanced welding machine with wide application. The welding tranformer is in small size but the output enerThe three-phase power supply, through rectified by a special inverter, is converted into 1000Hz AC voltage and then is transmitted to a medium frequency transformer so the current is rectified in order to supply DC welding current. The advantage is that it helps to greatly reduce the energy of iron core material, as the frequency of welding transformer is promoted from 50/60Hz of mains supply to 1000Hz. Besides, the commutation diode of subloop of transformer could transform the electric energy into DC power which is used to provide power for welding. Under such circumstance, the inductance coefficient of subloop could be improved dramatically and the production cost could be minimized because the inductance coefficient is an important factor that results in energy loss but could almost be ignored in DC welding circuit.






5 Inches Blue Display Screen

Rated Power


Input Voltage

AC 380V, 50Hz

Duty Cycle Rate


Maximum Short Circuit Current


Inverter Frequency


Welding Cycle Period


Welding  Times

1 sec

Current Slow Rise And Down Control


Stored Welding Models


Welding Thickness


Cylinder Size











Medium Frequency Inverter Welding Power Control System:

In MF inverter welding power control system, the three-phase AC will become DC through the rectifying circuit. Then the DC will become medium frequency square wave to be connected to primary welding transformer through the inverter circuit which is composed of power switching elements. The MF square wave will become small pulse DC to the electrode for welding work piece through the depressurization and rectifying process in the welding transformer. The inverter will adjust the switching of power devices through the feedback secondary current so as to achieve constant current of the welding process.

Compared to conventional frequency controller, inverter medium frequency controller has the following advantages:

  • The current in secondary welding loop is DC. Dramatically reduce the impact to the welding current due to the inductive reactance in secondary loop when conducting welding to the work piece.
  • Three-phase balanced load can reduce the requirement to the power supply system. The power factor is close to 1. No electrical inductance so no need to adjust the power factor.
  • Eradicate the contamination to the power supply. It is a kind of environmentally friendly welding mode. No need to provide power independently. It is able to be used together with robot welding fixture system.
  • Reduce power consumption, save energy. Reduce the requirement of cables and lots of maintenance cost.
  • The weight of transformer is reduced greatly.


Technical Parameters:

1.Input Voltage : three phase 380V, 50HZ/60HZ, power source fluctuation +10%/-20%.

2.Output voltage : tow phase PWM output 550V (Adjustable leaving factory)

3.Output current : depend on the model.

4.The maximum value can be set to 65535, adjustable according to real condition.

5.Cooling water: flow 6L/MIN temperature≤28℃.

6.Working environment temperature: 0-50 ℃.

7.Air valve specification : AC220/AC110/DC24V





Suitable for welding small carbon brushes cooper wire and other small hardware.




1. Energy Saving: Compare with using low frequency, it can help to reduce the consumption of electric energy. The transformer of the same weight could output more energy. It can also be conveniently used with the large automatic welding clamp.


2. In a semi-automatic machine, one medium frequency transformer can replace many low frequency transformers which can help to reduce the parallel connection in secondary circuit.


3. Improve the power factor, reduce the production cost.


4. Reduce interference in secondary circuit which is in the large open area: the welding current is direct current. When there is induction or magnetic material in secondary winding, the welding will not be affected.


5. To make the power supply unit load balance: MF inverter projection welder adopts the three-phase sources which can store energy.


6.The technology of MF system is more traditional and reliable which can prevent the damage results from the breakdown of silicon controlled.



1. HWASHI is the leading brand in resistance welding industry in China for 20 years; Factory direct sale, competitive price.

2. Customized Service: We can help to design and develop the welding machine according to your requirement. We are flexible and capable Supplier.

3. Genuine Product with Excellent Quality:  12 months warranty. Our machines are strictly complied with ISO9001:2000 and China Compulsory Certification. Most of our machines enjoy 8-10 years service life. 100% guarantee test before delivery.

4. After Sales Service and Technical Assistance: 24 hours technical support by email. Our professional team is always  willing to be your technical consultant.

5. Quick Delivery: Our company provides just-in-time delivery.

6. Prompt Response to Customers: Your satisfaction is the goal we pursue.











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