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15L 0-360W Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner Customized Support Timing And Heating

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15L 0-360W Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner Customized Support Timing And Heating

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15L 0-360W Medical Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Customized Support



What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?


Ultrasonic cleaning uses ultrasonic energy in an immersion cleaning tank to assist in the removal of tenacious or stubborn soils from parts. An ultrasonic system always consists of at least three main components:

1. A tank to hold the cleaning fluid and the dirty parts

2. A generator to transform the line voltage into an ultrasonic signal

3. Transducers to convert the ultrasonic electrical signal into mechanical energy


The ultrasonic energy is created within a liquid by means of transducers, which convert electrical energy into acoustic energy. These transducers are similar in function to a radio speaker except they function at ultrasonic frequencies (40,000 Hz) and transmit acoustic energy to a liquid rather than to air. The transducers consist of vibrating elements (piezoelectric disc) bolted between thick metal plates. The transducers are bonded to the underside of the tanks containing the cleaning liquid or are encased in stainless steel for immersion within a liquid.


For reliability, many transducer modules are uniformly distributed over the tank bottom rather than having a single transducer in the center of the tank working very hard. An electronic generator energizes the transducers. The generator transforms the electrical energy from the wall outlet into a suitable electrical form for efficiently energizing the transducers at the desired frequencies.


All ultrasonic cleaning systems consist of the four fundamental components; transducer, generator, container for liquid, and cleaning liquid. The performance and reliability of the system depends upon the design and construction of the transducers and generators. The overall effectiveness of the cleaning is dependent upon the cleaning liquid. The size of the tank is dependent upon the size or quantity of the parts being cleaned. The number of transducers and generators is determined by the tank size. The choice of cleaning liquid depends upon the parts being cleaned and contaminant to be removed.

Ultrasonic is widely used throughout industries to remove difficult contaminants from the parts during or after manufacturing process which might require a stage of cleaning before the next process. In general, if an item can be cleaned with liquid, it can be cleaned much faster and more thoroughly with an ultrasonic cleaner. Compared with traditional solvent/scrubbing, our ultrasonic cleaners:


1. Reply your enquiry in 10 working hours.
2. No MOQ request
3. OEM and ODM is available.
4. Professional technical support
5. High quality and competitive price

All of our ultrasonic equipment carries two certifications : CE, RoHS

We are been Manufacturers and we have factory in Shenzhen . We are happy to share our experience in cleaning with you, our customer. Just send an email or call us toll free and we will do all we can to help

Industrial ultrasonic cleaner are suitable to clean irregular and complex specialized instruments,components and PCBs of sundry shops,workshops,factories etc.


Tank Size:330*300*150mm(L*W*H)
Overall Size:360*330*330 mm(L*W*H)
Frequency:28 or 40 KHz
Ultrasonic Power:0-360W
Heating Capacity:400W
Timing Range :1-99min
Temperature Range:0-80ºC
Water Drainage:Yes


How to use DeKang  ultrasonic cleaner ?
      1. Fill the stainless steel tank with cleaning solution; Plug the power lead into grounded outlet; After               power-on, the temperature displays the actual environmental temperature, LED displays 3 minutes               (default ultrasonic time).
     3.Temperature setting: Press temperature-/temperature+”shortly at a time means time increase or           reduce 1℃ at a time, press and hold there means time will increase or decrease by 10℃ . Usually, the          best cleaning temperature is within 40℃ to 60℃.


 2.Time setting: Press the “TIME-/TIME+ ”shortly at a time means time increase/reduce 1min at a time, press and hold means time will increase/reduce by 10mins continuously. The cleaning stops when the timer counts down to 00:00. If the unit needs to be stopped before the timer runs up, press “Ultrasonic” button.
    NOTE: Do not run the cleaner continuously for more than one hour
4. After time and heat setting, press “Heating” or “ultrasonic” button to start both function. Press “Heating” button again, the heating function will stop. The same for Ultrasonic Function.
6. Drain: press the “drain” button to open or close the automatic valve. The automatic valve will close a certain time (10 minutes in default) later after drain.
7. Empty the tank and clean both the outside and inside of the cleaner with a clean and dry cloth for next use.

NOTE: Do not pour water out until it’s cooling, Hot water will hurt you and damage the machine itself.

 3 days after confirm the payment ,Express Including YOUSU,UPS,DHL,FedEx,Air transportion,Sea transportation,Also you could ask your courier to pick the goods.


Further More Information 
   Q1. Are you a factory of trading company?
      We are professional manufacturer.We are warmly welcome clients from worldwide to visit our factory and cooperation with us.
    Q2. Can I get some samples?
Yes,we are honored to offer you samples of most products.
    Q3. Can we print our own brand for the fixtures ?
Of course.We are pleased to be your OEM manufacturer and meet your OEM requirements
    Q4. What’s the Payment?
       T/T would be better with quick transfer and few bank fees. You can also use Western Union and Paypal.For large quantity,sea shipping can be provided
     Q5. What certifications does the product get?
     Q6.Is my own forwarder available to transport the products for me?
         Yes,He can ship the products for you if your own forwarder is in Shenzhen. And then you won't need to pay the freight to us.

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