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IP65 White LED City Street Lights High BrightnessHigh Power 90w - 150w Eco - Friendly

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IP65 White LED City Street Lights High BrightnessHigh Power 90w - 150w Eco - Friendly

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City & Province jiangsu

Product Details

                                           LED street light LLB10B 120W

Product Description


JIiangxu trademark LED streetlamps used a special way of integrated high voltage aluminum casting. It can assure that the caloric produced by the LED chips output to the aluminum covering of the streetlamp directly.The smooth cooling channel can reduce the optical decay and extend the life of the streetlamp. The design of secondary light distribution can assure the uniformity of the illumination and control the irradiation scope. All of these functions can improve the efficiency of the light so the LED streetlamps have better energy-saving effect then the common lamps.

The controlled circuit of the streetlamp was our own research. It is in a leading position in world and it gained 6 national patents. Also it can adapt to all voltage range over the world which can assure the universality of the streetlamp. The circult has special teachnique of the constant current control which can assure high rellability of the LED streetlamp.


Application Scope


Widely used in other places require outdoor lighting trunk roads, highways, elevated roads, city streets, bridges, sidewalks and other road lighting, as well as squares, schools, residential areas,industrial zones and parks.


Technical data


Parameter NameUnitLED street light LLB10B
Technical Specifications
Street lamp parametersInput voltageV90-264AC/50~60Hz
Power of lampW90W120W150W
Storage temp-30~+60
View angle°138.7×67.9
Power efficiency%>93
Luminous flux of the lamplm9800130016500
Light pole heightm6-8m8-10m10-12m
LED parameterTa=25℃Service life of LEDH50000-100000
Color tempK4500(Selectable 3000-6500k)
LED luminous flux/Wlm140 lm/W , 260 lm/2W
Reaction timemin0.05
Structure parameterWeightKg   
Pipe diameter for installationmm60mm
Protection gradeIPIP65
Color Bule


                Light distribution curve                                          Isolux curve plane



Notes:LLB10B,this kind of lamp holder power 90~150w are customizable



Parts of the product



Innovation fine points


  • 1.The use of aluminum whole lamp cooling technology, perfect and efficient solution LED heat problem, greatly extend the life of light source.
  • 2. Free of dust, water design, reducing cleaning and maintenance pressure, suitable for outdoor environments.
  • 3.The forward-looking slim patent shape structural steel design for easy storage and transportation and maintenance.
  • 4. Protection class IP65.
  • 5.The housing through the paint and anodized, rugged corrosion resistant.
  • 6.Advanced lens optical design, uniformity road up to> 0.65.


Use of premises


Widely used in other places require outdoor lighting trunk roads, highways, elevated roads, city streets, bridges, sidewalks and other road lighting, as well as squares, schools, residential areas, industrial zones and parks



Aluminum whole lamp cooling,Innovative design of the wind


Whole lamp made of sturdy aluminum alloy material, to rigorous thermal simulation and testing, based on innovative modular set of optimized fin duct, LED light source According to Lin contacting heat sink. With the whole lamp cooling technology, LED heat problem perfect solution.

Avoid dust, water design.

Lamp shell multiple transparent design, free of dust and water accumulation effect, guarantee suitable lighting while significantly,reducing the life of the lamp cleaning cycle.



Forward-looking design,high performance


Slim, silver classic look

Forward-looking ultra-thin design patents , compact, external Shape simple, efficient ,cooling while significantly reducing the lamp Size and weight, easy storage and transportation and maintenance; silver classic style perfect outline of the city skyline.

Company information

Jiangsu Jiangxu Lighting Technology Co; Ltd. funded by Jiangsu Jiangxu Group,is a professlonal high-teach enterprise combiing research,production and sales of all kinds of partable,mobile and flxed LED lighting products.

Our company has abtained ISO9001 and other national certification. All the products have obtained national patent. Jiangxu Group now total has about 1000 members, 138 technicians ,25 senior engineers. Our Group covers an area of 220,00m² with construction area as much as 80,000m². Our facilities including machine and machine equipment, and the amount of the facilities are more than 500 sets. Our company was also listed in 2005's Forbes magazine as one of the top 100 most potential Chinese small and medium-sizes enterprise. It is the national innovative and high technology industrial development manufacture base of the Chinese Academy of Sclences. Jiangxu brand"Jiangxu" , obtained the designation "Famous Trademark of Jiangsu" from the Administration of industry and Commerce of Jiangsu province.









1. Q: How many cycles full charge&discharge about your battery?

A: In 50% discharging deepness, it can be cycled for 1,200 times; in floating charging and discharging status, it can be cycled for 5000~6000 times.


2. Q: How to Choose the System Voltage 12V or 24V or for normal street Light ?

A: We can design the System for 12v or 24v for solar street Light or 220-380V for normal street light .


3. Q: What’s the main difference between mono and polycrystalline solar panel?

A: production process and cost. Polysilicon technology is more mature since it is an early technology compared with Monosilicon.


4. Q: The controller of your solar street light has dual time control function?

A: our solar charge controller is designed with dual time control function, you can set up the lighting time and divide it into two parts, like 12 hours (6 hours full power lighting + 6 hours half power lighting)




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