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2600MAH 5.5V / 120ma USB Portable Solar Panel Chargers wtih 4 LED Lamps R-2600

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2600MAH 5.5V / 120ma USB Portable Solar Panel Chargers wtih 4 LED Lamps R-2600

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Product Details

2600MAH 5.5V / 120ma USB Portable Solar Panel Chargers wtih 4 LED Lamps R-2600


Product Details:

● New design solar charger adopts 24% high efficiency solar panel which imported from USA
● With 4 LED lamps,  it can be used as torch
● With 4 led indicators to show charging status
● With one year warranty
● Customized logo & packing,  Accept OEM

This kind of solar charger can provide sufficient backup power for Iphone, Samsung, Tablet PC, MID, PDA, IPAD.It is also compatible with common mobile phones, Digital Camera, MP3, MP4, PSP, and GPS.With high power led lamps, it can be used as torch too. This model has outstanding outlook, fashionable and colorful. It also has 4 LED power indictors which can show you power volume.

Please charge and discharge it twice before use so as to enhance the built-in battery’s efficiency,  when you use it at the first time.

Charging methods
This solar charger adopts the imported high efficiency solar panel --SUNPWER from USA whose exchange rate up to 24%,  solar power up to 0.66W!

1). Set this product under the sun at right angle,  it will draw power from the sunshine and turn it into electrical energy and then store in the built-in rechargeable li-ion polymer battery.
2). Charged from computer. Once connect it with your computer/notebook,  the power indicators will light one by one. When all of 4 LED indicators light up,  the charging is finished.

Charging time
Charging time from the sun: about 20-22 hours
Charging time from computer: 5-6 hours
Charging time for digital devices: 1-2 hours


This mini solar charger is compatible with below devices:
1. Mobiles including ipod/iphone3G/3GS/4G,  Blackberry,  smart phones,  Nokia,  Motorola,  Samsung,  LG,  Sony Erison etc.(PS:  few mobiles is not compatible with this product).
2. Game consoles including PSP,  NDSI,  NDSL.
3. Audio players including MP3,  MP4,  MP5 etc.
4. Digital camera,  Recorder pen,  GPS,  MID etc. 
5. Some kind of IPC,  APC,  PDA,  PSD,  IPAD etc.
6. Some kind of DVD,  CD,  DV.
7. Some other digital devices whose voltages are compatible with this product.


1. With 4 LED indicators which can show you power volume

2. Adopts the imported high efficiency solar panel --SUNPWER from USA whose exchange rate up to 24%,  solar power up to 0.66W!

3. Has 4 LED lamps,  can be used as a torch

4. With USB port can reduce more connectors

5. Comparing with other products,  this one has more functions such as over-charge,  over-discharge,  over-load,  and short-circuit protection.

6. Multi-purpose,  compatible with most of digital devices

Product Specifications:



Solar panel(24%)


Battery type

2600MAH Li-ion polymer battery


5v/ 600- 800ma/h


5V±0.5 / 1000ma MAX


input USB cable, output cable, Adaptors: K750, N8210, N70,
V3. Micro USB,  Iphone and color packing box


Orange,  Blue,  Pink


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