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GGD Switchgear DC AC Power Distribution Cabinets PDU With 630A 600A

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GGD Switchgear DC AC Power Distribution Cabinets PDU With 630A 600A

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Product Details

GGD Switchgear DC AC Power Distribution Cabinets PDU With 630A 600A


AC Power Distribution Cabinet,AC power distribution cabinet ,AC power distribution cabinet ,Switchgear  cabinet  for on-grid, AC power distribution cabinet for 7 inputs



Quick Detail:


DC power distribution cabinet  for on-grid





AC power distribution box

Detailed introduction to AC / DC Power Distribution Cabinet:

AC / DC Power Distribution Cabinet



The AC and DC power distribution panel is installed on the communications room, which is the low-voltage distribution equipment that is with the role of AC and DC power distribution and security control. With the voltage and current monitoring device, it can monitor the level of voltage and the dynamic of load current change at any time.

 Concentrating the warning signal on the rack and column cabinet, it displays the warning signal with sound and light, inputting the alarm control signal to the General warning of engine room at the same time. If users need, they can increase the adaptor.

 The safety control device uses the imported automatic air switch, which is small, safe, reliable and prompt action, sensitive, long service life, while reducing the time of machine fault. The cables uses the utility bus connections of copper plate, which is more secure, reliable, generous.

 Technical Data:

 DC Power Distribution Cabinet

Input Voltage: AC200V/380V

Current: ≤630A

Output Branch: It is generally for 18 to 36 slip roads, except for special requirements. The current can be 3A, 6A, 10A to 80A. The UPS (uninterruptible power supply system) can be accessed.

 AC Power Distribution Cabinet

Input Voltage: DC-48V

Current: ≤600A (the special needs can be up to 1000A)

Output Branch: 20 ~ 40 slip roads. The current can be 6A, 10A, 16A to 100A.

Warning System: When the load is the overload or short circuit, the automatic air switch will trip automatically, at this time, the warning system is sending alarm signals which is visible and heard. The visible signals are red light, and which indicated the alarm parts. The audible signal is that the buzzer sound, and which sends alarm signals to the general Alarm.

 Structural Elements:

This machine is cabinet structure, using the frame structure of aluminum alloy, which is solid, beautiful, generous, luxurious. In addition, with four doors, easy of application, spacious enclosure, convenient wiring.

 Working Environment:

Temperature: -5~+40, and the average temperature is within 24 hours, which can not exceed 35

Humidity: 90%(+20), when it is the maximum temperature (+40), and it can not exceed 50%

Equipment Standard Comparison Table:

Model and Name

Dimension (H×D×W)



DC Power Distribution Panel


≤40 roads

According to clients  configuration

AC Power Distribution Panel


≤48 roads

AC and DC power distribution panel


AC:≤18 roads


 Quick Details

Place of Origin:

Wuxi,China (Mainland)


Power Distribution Unit

Intelligent PDU with circuit breakers:

Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

Compliant to International Standards:

Standard IEC PDU

Brand Name:


Distribution of AC:


Direct Currency Power Distribution:

Power Distribution Unit (PDU)




Distribution of alternating current (AC) within machine cabinets of the computer room

Alternating Currency (AC) Power Distribution Cabinet



Indoor distribution cabinet, copper busbar, MCCB, moulded case circuit breaker, 3 phase, 3 poles, neutral busbar, ground busbar, volt measurement, ampere measurement, anti-corrosion, dust-proof, waterproof, input circuit breaker, phases indication,  3 Phase Power Distribution Unit  

A. Product overview

AC row cabinets is the distribution equipment for the indoor low voltage power, the protection grade is IP20, it is applicable to the computer room demanding distribution power supply into multiple branches, with safety control, monitoring and alarm.

 B. Features

Cabinet body structure: This machine adopts the high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet as the frame, the outer surface adopts static electricity powder spray.

The front side has power meter panel in the center, with configuration of digital electric voltage and current meter and alarm module.

Display: By pressing the key, you can switch over to display each line power supply’s each phase current and voltage value.

Alarm function, it includes over-voltage, under-voltage, open phase, overflow alarm, etc..

Alarm checking mode: optional electric voltage or electric current mode.

Optional function: Surge protector, concentrated line etc. function.

 C. Specifications

Applicable electric voltage grade: 3-Phase 5-line system AC380V.

Applicable electric current grade: AC: 630A or below.

Communication method: By RS485 ports; Monitoring address scope:1-255 configurable.

Power distribution cabinet
1,GGD type
2,safe,economic,reasonablenes and reliability
3,AC low voltage

GGD Type AC Low Voltage Distribution Cabinet


Product Overview

 Being applicable to the power distribution system of AC 50Hz, rated working voltage of 380V, rated working current up to 3150A for the electricity users, such as power plant, substation, factories, mining enterprises and so on, GGD type AC low voltage distribution cabinet is used for the purpose of electric-energy conversion, distribution and control of power, illumination and distribution equipments. According to the requirements of the energy department, abroad electricity customers and the design department, GGC type AC low voltage switchgear product is a new type low voltage distribution cabinet with high judging ability on the design principle of safe, economic, reasonableness and reliability. It is featured with fine dynamic and thermal stability, flexible electric plan, convenient combination, serialization, high practical ability, creative structure, etc. It can be used as updated product for low voltage switchgear assemblies.

 GGC type AC low voltage distribution cabinet meets the requirements of GB7251.1-1997 Low-voltage Switchgear and Control Gear Assemblies.

 Fundamental electric parameters


Rated voltage(V)

Rated current(A)

Rated short-circuit breaking current(kA)

Rated short time withstand current


Rated peak withstand current(kA)
















































Metal-enclosed Low Voltage Withdrawable Switchgear Metal-cald low voltage power distribution cabinet

3.6-12kv power distribution cabinet /AC380 AC660 drawout low voltage switchgear  /Metal-enclosed Low Voltage Withdrawable power distribution cabinet /panel/cubicle/enclosure/switchboard cabinet MNS(M) Schneider Switchge


MNS is modularized, multi-functional low voltage distribution switchgear, which is applicable to metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industrial, industrial and mining enterprises and all the situations high reliable low voltage system, distribution system and motor control system are needed.

 Our low voltage switchgear can meet your need completely. It is applicable to all low voltage systems of the current 4000A or below.

 Low voltage electrical panel  Standards

Execution standard: IEC60439-1, GB7251.1.

 Low voltage electrical panel Advantages

 1. Panel board with compact structure, save the volume of cabinet body.

2. The panel board can be arranged back to back

3. The panel board body can meet the requirements of earthquake resistance, oscillation resistance and shock resistance

4. It can be built up into different modes freely, such as fixed type and draw-out type

5. Corresponding protection class of the panel board body could be designed according to the different requirements of the job and environment.

6. Select and using standard component entirely, convenient for the design of project planner.

7. The arrangement of power distribution circuit is economic

8. With anti electric arc design

9. Convenient for equipment upgrade and improvement

10. The panel board is free of maintenance to the most extent.

11. Safe for the operator

12. Reliable enough and high flexibility.


 low voltage electrical panel  Installation dimension

1. The fixed cabinet:

     Width: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm

     Depth: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm

2. The withdrawable cabinet:

     Width: 600mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm(600mm not suggested)

     Depth: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm(600mm not suggested)

3. The fixed isolating cabinet

     Width: 600mm, 900mm, 1000mm

     Depth: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm

 Rated operational voltage


 Rated insulation voltage


 Rated frequency


 Grounding system


 Ratd voltage of auxiliary circuit

 AC380,220v/ DC220v

 Maximum coil in and out broken circuit


 Pollution degree


 Rated current


 Horizontal busbar rated current


 Vertical busbar rated current


 Horizontal busbar ratd shorttime withstand current


 Horizontal busbar rated peak value withstand current


 Vertical busbar rated short time withstand current


 Vertical busbar rated peak value withstand current


 Metal-cald low voltage power distribution cabinet

  Electric Switchgear Cubicle Cabinet Fixed Type Electrical Switchboard Switchgear Manufacturers ABB Switchgear 


Key features:


1,the box adopts fully sealed waterproof structure, surface powder coating processing, strong anti-rust, anti-corrosion ability.


2, High quality internal air switch, has good function of over-current and overheating protection.


3,Integration of lightning protection, electrical measuring, and monitoring.


4 Can monitor various parameters, the switch state, and long-distance monitoring through 485-communication interface to upload to the server room.




The increasing demand of energy, the exhaustion of fossil fuels and the continuously serious pollution makes the effect of renewable energy of vital importance. As one source of renewable energy, solar energy is playing a more and more important role.

Solar can be transformed into electricity that can be used directly or fed into the grid according to national policy. Longmax Technology is focused on developing and offering technology and products for sustainable solar energy development. Our solar solutions are:


In the field of sustainable renewable photovoltaic energy, our core competencies products include:

Solar combiner boxes, AC/DC distribution cabinets/boxes, intelligent monitoring devices, portable AC/DC solar generators, multi-function power systems, environmental monitoring instruments, PV prevent reverse diodes and monitoring systems used in PV power plants.


Our history is full of firsts and our products are installed in a huge number of solar power plants all over China and the world. Till now, the total installed capacity of Longmax is over 2GW worldwide.

Our customers include entities and enterprises dedicated to the renewable energy field, solar power plants and agents/distributors around the world who are interested in the new PV industry.


AC / DC Power Distribution Cabinet,AC power distribution cabinet ,DC power distribution cabinet


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