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Pure Sine Wave 3 Phase Off Grid Solar Inverter Unique Anti - Oscillation Function

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Pure Sine Wave 3 Phase Off Grid Solar Inverter Unique Anti - Oscillation Function

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Product Details

Yo Power Intelligent 20000 Watt 20000W Solar Inverter Full Power Output

    Yo Power YQLI series Low Frequency Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter is one of the most advanced DC to AC conversion products in the world. It’s widely used for solar energy, wind turbine and other renewable energy systems, also suitable use in the mountains, pastoral, border, island, vehicles, ships and other areas without electricity which can provide and guarantee effective power supply. It has the main advantages of high quality sine wave AC output, microcomputer control, humanness design, high efficiency, low no-load loss and no pollution. The inverter can also supply AC power to all kinds of electric equipment, air conditioners, electric motors, refrigerators, fluorescent lights, televisions, electric fans and other industrial power supply.


1. Advantages

  • Save cost: it can work with solar panel directly, without battery and solar charge controller, the inverter makes the whole system more economical
  • Voltage stabilizing: the inverter has high precision voltage stablizing and filtering, when utility grid power is unstable or poor, the inverter can give out stable voltage and high quality pure sine waveform, the voltage transient response is less than 40ms
  • 0 second seamlessly switch between DC power and grid power: when solar power or battery power is poor, inverter will automatically swith to grid power immediatly. The switch time is 0 seconds
  • Unique anti-oscillation function: when there is no grid power input, the inverter still can running stably and independently. It won't happen to turn on/off repeatedly these oscillation problems
  • High efficiency: if it work with solar panel direcly, with the maximum power point tracking function, the using efficiency of solar power/wind power can be up to 94%
  • Durable&Long service life: anti-sand, resistant to moisture and salt, suitable for harsh environment, the designing service life more than 15 years

2. Features

  • It adopts the sixth generation efficient IPM intelligent module from Japanese Mitsubishi. This makes the inverter high efficiency and stable performance. It also has powerful protection function for short circuit, over load and over temperature which is more safe and reliable. It's service life can up to 15~20 years or more
  • Intelligentized, modularized and simple structure design, very easy and convenient for maintenance.
  • Two kinds of starting models: The Step Down Voltage Start model is suitable for any resistive loads, such as lamp, resistance, computer and so on. The Variable Frequency Start model is suitable for any inductive loads, such as pump, motor, welder and so on. Customers can choose the starting model according to the type of their load. This function is very convenient for users and also reduce frequency converter’s usage, which reduced the cost of equipment investment, easy to connect wires and control.
  • The inverters adopts SVPWM space vector algorithms, high conversion efficiency, high instantaneous power and low losses conversion efficiency up to 94%.
  • The LCD display DC input voltage, output frequency, phase voltage, phase current, AC bypass input voltage, output power, time&date, temperature, fault code and so on.
  • Users can set over voltage, under voltage, over voltage recovery point, under voltage recovery point, DC input voltage range, output frequency, output voltage range.
  • Pure sine wave output with good transient response less than 40MS, little harmonic distortion, higher conversion efficiency and stable output voltage.
  • The inverter uses black pure aluminum radiator and high quality fans which could continuously work for 5 years and uninterrupted work for 20 years.
  • European CE (EMC and LVD) certification and accredited by Australia CEC, ERAC energy network.

3. Parameters

IsolationLow frequency transformer
DC inputRated voltage192V240V
Rated input current104A83A
AC inputAC input voltage220V or Customized
Frequency50Hz or 60Hz
AC outputRated output power20KW (full power output)
Output waveformPure sine wave
PhaseSingle phase (2 wire+ground) or three phase (4 wire+ground)
Output voltage220VAC±3% (single phase) or 380VAC±3% (three phase) or Customized
Freqency50Hz±0.05Hz or 60Hz±0.05Hz
Power factor (PF)0.9
Overload ability150%, 10 seconds

Waveform distortion

rate (THD)

<3%, linear load

Dynamic response

(0~100% load)

5%, ≤30ms
Display languageEnglish
Running modelWorking continuously (7*24hrs)

Electrical insulation


2000VAC, 1 minute



Input reverse polarity, under voltage, over voltage, output over-current,

short circuit, overheating and so on

Cooling methodFan cooling

Short circuit


No automatic recovery, need to restart the machine by manual
OthersAmbient temperature-15~+55°C
 Humidity0~90%, non condensation
 Noise≤50dB (1 meter)
 Protection degreeIP20 (indoor)
 WeightAbout 190KG

CE (EN60950-1:2006+A11:2009, EN61000-6-4:2007+A1:2001,

EN61000-6-2:2005, EN61000-3-12:2005, EN61000-3-11:2000)

4. Application

  • Solar system with battery

  • Solar system without battery

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