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Weak Cationic Organic Amino Silicone Oil Cool / Smooth Finishing Agent CM - 280

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Weak Cationic Organic Amino Silicone Oil Cool / Smooth Finishing Agent CM - 280

Country/Region china
City & Province dongguan guangdong

Product Details


Organic Silicone Oil Cool And Smooth Finishing Agent CM - 280



CM-280 improves the sewed and recovery ability of fabrics and specialises in the feeling of cool and smooth.



Chemical Composition: 


Special multi-modified silicone material with an organic combination of liquid



Technical Specification:


Appearance Pale yellow to Transparent liquid
Ionicity weak cationic
PH value 5~7
Solubility can be dissolved in water at any proportion






 1. To give cotton, cotton/nylon, cotton/polyester,model and blended fabric excellent soft, drape, smooth and cool feeling



 2. Minimal impact on the whiteness and color of fabric



 3. Improve the sewed and recovery ability of fabrics 



 4. Can be used for ordinary soft and smooth finishing agent when the dosage be changed



 5. With the electrolyte resistance and good mechanical stability




Field of Application:


To give soft, smooth and cool feeling of cotton, cotton Lycra fabric, cotton/nylon, T/C,
polyester/viscose, modal fiber and blended fabric.





1. Padding:  Dosage: 5~30g/L (for normal soft and smooth treatment)
                                  60~80g/L (for functional cooling treatment)
                    Temperature: room temperature
                    Process: one dip and one pad or two dips and two pads.


2. Dipping: Dosage: 3~8%(o.w.f)

                  Temperature: room temperature
                  Time: 30mins

                  Liquor ratio: 1:10~15



Storage and Packing:

Shelf life: six months when store in cool, dry and shaded warehouse

Packing: 120kg plastic drum


Notice: Compatibility of other auxiliaries and process need to be checked before application.




Click here for mroe information: Cooling And Smoothing Agent CM-280.pdf



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