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Professional Sodium Alginate Thickener Dye Printing High Purity Odorless

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Professional Sodium Alginate Thickener Dye Printing High Purity Odorless

Country/Region china
City & Province qingdao shandong
Categories Plastic Raw Materials

Product Details

Dye Printing Paste Grade Sodium Alginate Thickener / Sodium Alginate Stabilizer
Detailed Product Description
Sodium Alginate Alginate Thickener:Light Yellow PowderPure Sodium Alginate:High Qaulity
Function:ThickenerName:Sodium Alginate



1. Quick Detail


Sodium alginate is used in reactive dyestuff in printing and dyeing industry for a long time, superior to cms(starch) and cmc( sodium carboxymethyl cellulose ) etc. other thickener. The textile fiber has clear line, high color yield capacity, good penetrability and plasticity after printed by Sodium alginate.

It is the best thickener for modern textile printing and dyeing industry, and widely used for cotton, feather, silk and nylon and other textile printing process.



2. Description

Sodium alginate is a natural polysaccharide compound extracted from the cell walls of brown algae. Light yellow or white milk powder apprance, odorless and tasteless, can dissolve in water, but insoluble in alcohol and other organic solvent. it is the sodium salt of alginic acid. Its form as a gum, is widely used in the food industry, textile printing industry, whater treatment industry, and electric welding rod. It is also used in indigestion tablets and the preparation of dental impressions pharmacy industriy etc.




3. Applications

Textile grade sodium alginate is widely used In printing and textile industry.


A: Printing agent
As a reactive dye printing agent, sodium alginate has a special property. During reaction of fibre and reactive dye, the dye is fixed in fibre and printing agent do not attend this reaction, otherwise, the agent will e fixed in the fibre and make it hard fragile and bad color. If you use sodium alginate
As a printing agent is also suitable for cotton, wool, silk and synthetic fibre.

B: Synthetic fibre
Mix sodium alginate and asbestos short fibre, then mixture solidify by the solution of Calcium Acetate



4. Specifications


Quality Standard: SC/T 3401-2006














Insoluble matter







5. Competitive Advantage :


Sodium Alginate specially for textile printing industry:
1. Sodium alginate manufacturer with 5000tons per year
2. Good washing out anf Good coloring
3. With stable and best quality.
4. Competitive price and Free samples

5. Deliry timely.

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