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Fully Automatic Soy Protein Machine

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Fully Automatic Soy Protein Machine

Country/Region china
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Product Details

fully automatic textured soybean protein production equipment


Textured soy protein (TSP) is made by forming a dough from high nitrogen solubility index (NSI) defatted soy flour with water in a screw-type extruder, and heating with or without steam. The dough is extruded through a die into various possible shapes: granules, flakes, chunks, goulash, etc., and dried in an oven.

It can be used as a meat replacement or supplement. The extrusion technology changes the structure of the soy protein, resulting in a fibrous, spongy matrix similar in texture to meat.

Soy protein products such as TSP are used as low-cost substitutes in meat and poultry products. Extension may result in diminished flavor, but fat and cholesterol are reduced. Vitamin and mineral fortification can be used to make soy products nutritionally equivalent to animal protein; the protein quality is already roughly equivalent. The soy-based meat substitute textured vegetable protein has been used for more than 50 years as a way of inexpensively and safely extending ground beef up to 30% for hamburgers, without reducing its nutritional value.



Raw materials

Soybean powder, peanut meal.


180-220kg/h, 300-500kg/h

Machine material

All the machines are made by Stainless steel 201,If you have special requirement, we also have ss304,ss316.


Chinese Input Voltage is 380V/ 50Hz /3, If it is different from yours , we will adjust it .

Process Flow

Mixer---extruder---vibrate cooler---air conveyr---roasting oven---cooling conveyor---(packing machine)

Technical parameter of the protein food production line

ModelCY65 Double-screw extruder lineCY85 Double-screw extruder line
Installed capacity90KW120KW
Power consumption65KW95KW





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