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Address: 3 floor 19 building Second industrial zone, Heshuikou, Gongming town, Guangming new district, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

Contact name:Huang Langni

Shenzhen Yuanke electronic Co..Ltd

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The Yuanke electronic Co., Ltd. is a powerful factory for the production and processing of LED patch lamp, LED light emitting diode, LED lamp, LED integrated light source, LED lamp light source and other products.

Shenzhen Yuanke electronic Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 as a photoelectric lighting high-tech enterprise integrating development, production, sales and after-sales service. It adopts advanced and mature advanced production equipment and professional photoelectric technology and management talents. At the same time, it continuously introduces the advanced technology and management experience, and is committed to the new and old guests. Users provide high quality products, service and design solutions. The company specializes in producing LED integrated high-power, 1-500W; SMD patch 0.1-1W series products such as 2835 and 5730 patches; 0.1-10W infrared emitter, LED floodlight, LED lamp, LED fluorescent tube, LED daylight, LED landscape lighting, LED indoor lighting, LED road lighting and other applications.

All the light source series products of our company are packaged with imported chips, 1 gold wire and silica gel. It has high luminous efficiency, narrow spectrum, good monochromatic color, high color display, green environmental protection, precision constant current, 50000 hour long life, low attenuation, high brightness, low energy consumption, strong anti-static ability, high brightness, good light color consistency and sex price. It is widely used in LED lamp, LED bulb lamp, LED panel lamp, LED smallpox lamp, LED street lamp, LED lamp, mine lamp, stage lamp, flashlight, lamp, lamp and so on, as well as outdoor billboards, electronic display screens, traffic lights, signs, car taillights, LED light-emitting module, LCD backlight. LED lighting, LED soft / hard light stripe and so on are the best alternative to traditional lighting sources.

The product series lamps and lanterns are integrated with high power LED light source. Their voltage, power, color temperature, size, color change and internal and external control can all be made by customers. The products can be widely used in road, bridge, square, garden landscape area, commercial and residential district, courtyard, hotel, hotel, shopping mall, song and dance hall. A variety of life, leisure and entertainment venues such as movie theaters, offices, homes, etc.

In accordance with the principle of "realistic and pragmatic, innovative and enterprising, quality first, service paramountcy", the company is based on the market with diversified designs and moderate prices. The products are sold to Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other global markets. We will create more products, serve more customers and meet the wider market demand. Sincerely look forward to your sincere cooperation and create a better world.

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Company Name: Shenzhen Yuanke electronic Co..Ltd
City: shenzhen
Province: guangdong
Country: china
Address: 3 floor 19 building Second industrial zone, Heshuikou, Gongming town, Guangming new district, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China