Single Phase Digital Energy Meter Panel / Voltmeter With Four Way Switch Input

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Single Phase Digital Energy Meter Panel / Voltmeter With Four Way Switch Input

Country/Region china
City & Province wuhan hubei
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Product Details

LCD Single Phase Digital Energy Meter Panel/Voltmeter with Multifunction


1. Product Overview:


Measurement: three phase voltage, threephase current, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, active energy, reactive energy.
Calculation: positive and negative active energy, inductive and capacitive reactive power.
Display: LCD display with STN blue screen, wide viewing angle, high quality and high definition.
Communication: RS485 communication, and MODBUS-RTU protocol.
Output: two-way power pulse output, four-way switch output, and four-way analog output.
Input: four-way switch input.

LCD multi-functional network meter can highly precisely measure the general power parameters in three-phase grid system: three-phase voltage, three phase current, active power, reactive power, power factor, line frequency, active energy,
reactive energy. It also has the function of communication interface, electrical pulse output, four-way switch input,
four-way switch output, and four-way analog output. With the communication protocols, it is able to give LED display
on-site and remote-site communications. The LCD multi-functional meter is convenient to install, easy to wire,
and simple to maintain.It has few projects and can be set input parameters as field programmed. And it can communicate with different PLC and industrial computers in the netwok

2. Product Functions:

Measurement: ammeter, voltmeter, single-phase active and reactive power meter, three-phase active and reactive power meter and power factor meter. Display: four LED digital display of 9999. Maximum input: voltmeter: 600V, voltage transformer is required when the AC voltage is over 600V; ammeter: 5A, current transformers is required when the AC current is over 5A. DC ammeter: 5A, built-in shunts of 75mv, 60mv and 50mv are required when the DC current is over 5A. Uses: suitable for measuring the parameters in ammeter, voltmeter, single-phase active and reactive power meter, three-phase active and reactive power meter and power factor meter in the industries of electric power grids, automation, substation automation, power distribution automation, intelligent building, and the enterprise's internal system. To be matched by the client: RS485 communications, two-way switch output, two-way switch input, and one way analog output. Time aging: all the products have been time-aged, so that it can stably work in a long-term to reduce the impact of external environment on the meter, offering users a satisfactory product.


3. Product Parameters:


Measurable voltageAC 100V,200V,380V
overload1.2 times rated for continuous, and 2 times rated for 10s
Power consumption<0.1VA/phase
Measurable currentAC;1A,5A
Auxiliary power supplyAC/DC;80V-270V



4. Installation Precautions:


Installing the meter with the power is forbidden!!

The meters should be installed indoor and protected with the special metering box; and the mounting plate should be fixed tightly on the anti-flaming and there shall be no harmful substance such as dust, salt spray causing the corrosion in the air.

The connection process should in accord with the wiring diagram printed inside the meter cover and the leads should be made of copper to connect the bottom of the meter terminal that tightened with the screws to protect the meter from being damaged by the loss contact.

5. Transportation & Storage:

The goods should be free from violent collision when delivery and being sealed off, and as per the rules of GB/T13384-2008 General Technical Conditions Of Mechanical and Electronic Products Packaging to transport and store them.

Stack the inventory and storage on the shelves under the condition of original package and its height should be no more than 8 levels.

The place to store the goods should be clean and the temperature should be in the range of -40℃ and 70℃ as well as less than 95% of relative humidity; And the hazardous substance that would lead to the corrosion is not allowed to exist in the air .




Wuhan Radarking Electronics Corp. is a modern share enterprises which focusing on the smart Internet of things(IOT) /smart grid energy consumption sensor/intelligent electric safety integrated solution. It established in 2002(former name: Wuhan Radarking Co.,Ltd.)and went public on January 27, 2015 with the stock abbreviation RADARKING and stock number 831722. It owns the independent R&D center and factory which is the key recommended high-tech enterprises in Wuhan city.


It mainly R&D, manufacture and sell the integrated solution of smart Internet of things(IOT) energy consumption sensor/smart grid energy consumption sensor/energy consumption information acquisition and transmission(Collector, Concentrator, Communication Module), smart electric meter, smart water meter, “RDK” energy Internet of Things(IOT) intelligent energy safety integrated solution, digital campus energy consumption acquisition(meter reading) charging management integrated solution, 4-in-1 Meter energy consumption acquisition(meter reading) charging management integrated solution, 4-in-1 Meter/All-in-One Card cloud computing total charging management integrated solution, energy consumption monitoring and analysis integrated solution, mobile phone APP(Energy Consumption, Fast E Top Up).



Equipment: We have 260 sets of production and testing devices, including 3 production lines, more than 15 units of the calibration. The technology capability is leading level which can meet the production requirement.


Material: Purchase the component which strictly according to the meter requirements and national standard. Formulate a series of “Factory Inspection Procedure”. Only passed the test and inspection, the material can be used for production. The storage of material should be moisture-proof, anti-static which ensure the normal performance of material.


Craft: The production of all the electronic meters is in accordance with the production process flow, we have developed process documents, to ensure the quality of the products.


Test: It has complete testing equipment(has passed the inspection of Smart Grid Corporation of China). Formulate detailed test methods for different types of meters. Make the test according to these test methods to ensure the product quality.


Environment: The self-built factory is 4300 square meters. The internal production and storage area is 3500 square meters. The production temperature and humidity are accordance with the electric meter production requirements. In order to maintain the production area and working environment, it has equipped with the professional maintenance and supervision which ensure the device can work all the day to meet the production requirement. It has the special cleaning personnel to maintain the working environment of production area.



Management: We have a high efficiency, innovative, serious management team, and the factory has already passed ISO9001-2008 QMS, and ISO14001-2004 environment management system. It has not any batch quality problem since establishment. AQSIQ( State Quality Inspection Administration) take the spot checking of our electric meter during 2009-2016, and all the meter passed the inspection. Fully proved that the production is according to our quality management system, and the product quality is stable and reliable.



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