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Dual Loop Digital Display Controller With Light Beam Analog Indicator

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Dual Loop Digital Display Controller With Light Beam Analog Indicator

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Categories Pressure Measuring Instruments

Product Details

JFA5200 Two Circuit Dual-loop Digital Display Controller with LED Display






Single-channel input, two screen LED digital display, and with light beam analog indicator function(0~100%).

Arithmetical operation function is optional, there are three model of addition ( subtraction ) , multiplication and division.


Equipped with 36 kinds single input type, users can program input type arbitrary by requirement. Measure accuracy is 0.2%FS.

Thermal resistance/ thermo couple signals resolution are switchable: 1℃ or 0.1℃.

Equipped with upper and lower bounds alarm function, delayed alarm, break alarm, flashing alarm with LED alarm light indicate.


Voltage and current transmission output signal are optional.

Support RS485,RS232 serial interface, standard MODBUS RTU communication agreement.

This instrument have RS232 printing function, support manual printing, timing printing, alarm printing.

With DC24V power output, which send power to transmitter on site.

Photo electronic isolation technology for input, output, power and communication.

Various shape dimension and style for option.

Parameter setting password lock, parameter program power-off preserve it forever.




JFA5200 digital display controller, based on various of signal like temperature, pressure, level and speed on site, this instrument will make process like collection, display, control, far transmission, communication, printing and etc, which can form digital gather system and control system. It’s widely used in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, light industry, pharmaceutical, aircraft and so on.

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