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Online PH Meter For Aquarium Acidimeter Water Quality Testing Instruments

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Online PH Meter For Aquarium Acidimeter Water Quality Testing Instruments

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JFA300 Online concrete pH Meter for Aquarium Acidimeter Water Analysis Instrument



pH sensor is a combination electrode composed by glass indicative electrode and reference electrode. pH measure, a measure method to realize pH online monitor, according to measure potential difference in solution by measuring working battery formed by electrode and reference electrode, utilizing linear relationship between the solution pH value need to be measured and electric potential of working battery.



1. Favorable repeatability and stability.

2. Simple to clean and activate, with faster balancing speed.

3. Auto-temperature compensation function.

4. Equipped with analog to digital conversion to realize digital signal output. Strong anti-interference and far transmit distance.

5. Equipped with analog to digital conversion to realize standard digital signal output(RS485), which can make a integration and networking with other equipment in no controller.

6. Convenient to install sensor at the site, plug and play.

7. Concise usage, reliable result. Interface operation instrument can reduce failure.

8. Vital warning function provided by visual alert system.

9. Controller can be installed in Wall mount, panel mount and pipe clamping.


Typical application:

pH online monitor in the technological process such as water inlet in waterworks, sedimentation tank and biochemical reaction basin.

pH monitor in these industry such as municipal water supply, surface water and aquaculture.

pH online monitor in various industry water consumption during the production and wastewater treatment process.


pH sensor technical parameters:

Measure range


temperature: 0℃~80℃


pH: ±0.1pH;

temperature: ±0.5℃

Pressure range≤0.6Mpa
Zero potential pH value7±0.25pH(15mV)
Internal resistance≤250MΩ
Alkali error0.2pH(1mol/L Na+ pH14)(25℃)
Response time≤10 minutes(reach endpoint 95%)(after stirring)
Main materialsBlack polypropylene, Ag/Agcl reference gel.
Storage temperature-15℃~65℃
Medium temperature0℃~80℃

Diameter: 30mm


Protection rateIP68/NEMA6P
Cable lengthThe standard cable is 6m and can be extended.


Controller technical parameters:

Display output128*64 graphic dot matrix LCD with LED backlight, which can be operated under the direct sunlight.
Power supply



Materials of outside shell

Upper cover:PA66+GF25+FR

Lower casing: aluminum alloy dusting

outputDuplex 4-20mA analog output, response parameters and corresponding scope can be programmed.
RelayThree-way relay can be set up, response parameters and value can be programmed.
Digital communicationsMODBUS RS485 communication function, which can transmit real-time measurement value
Storage temperature-20℃~70℃
Operation temperature-15℃~60℃
Waterproof rateIP65/NEMA4X


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