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Crude Phenol Purification Technology

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Crude Phenol Purification Technology
Proprietary Technology and Plants
Technology Introduction:
Phenols have a variety of compounds, with the most important ones incl. phenol(carbonic acid), and cresol(o-cresol, m-cresol and p-cresol); among them, phenol is mainly used as the feedstock for di-phenol A production and phenol formaldehyde production; o-cresol is widely used in the synthesis of resin, pesticide, medicine, perfume, dyes, antioxidant and etc.; m-cresol is an very important feedstock for the production of Vitamin E; p-cresol is widely applied in the synthesis of BHT, the most employed antioxidant in the world. SL TEC offers the technology of crude phenol purification with the phenol either from coking phenol, or gasified phenol or alkylation liquid. Based on the facts that the boiling points of the main product and the by-products are quite different @ certain condition and the boiling points will decrease with the reducing of the pressure, SL TEC's technology lowers the separation temperature by reducing the system system, distill, separate and purify to get high purity phenol separately.
Technical Features:
In the traditional crude phenol purification process, usually water removing, residue removing, phenol purification units in batch are involved to separate and purify phenol, cresol and other products. In this batch production, the intermediate distillate between adjacent components requires repeated rectification to increase the yield, thereby the productivity is low, the energy consumption is low and only suitable for small production capacity; in addition, as the phenol products have certain heat sensitivity, the repeated heating not only decreases the total yield but also results in the unstable product quality. While SL TEC provides a technology based on the achievements by cooperation with Tianjin University. It is based on continuous vacuum distillation, uses DCS control system to optimize operation. Its advantages include the followings:
1. The yield and the product quality is obviously advanced.
2. Thks to the auto-protection and chain shutdown system, the production is very stable, the product quality is also stable and the production flexibility is big.
3. It successfully separates sulfuric acid and heavy components phenol to realize the 100% recovery of sulfuric acid, thereby the consumption is largely redyced; meanwhile graphite reactor and glamel reaction equipment are employed, which avoids the corrosion of sulfuric acid catalyst to the equipment and therefore decreases the equipment investment.More information please view here
As below are shown the performances of 40,000TPA Crude Coking Phenol Purification Project for references.
1. Product Specification
a. Phenol Specification

1Crystallization point, oC40.6
2Solubility Test[(1+2) Absorbance]0.03
3Moisture, % wt0.10

b. Cresol specification

o-Cresolm-Cresol and p-CresolIndustrial Cresol
1AppearanceWhite to light tawny crystalColorless to brown transparent liquidColorless to chocolate-brown transparent liquid
2Density @ 20oC, g/cm3-1.03-1.041.03-1.05
3Moisture, %wt ≦
4Neutral Oil Test (Turbidimetric method), # ≦21010
5Phenol content, % wt ≦-5-
6o-cresol, % wt ≧99.0--
72,6-Xylenlo, %wt ≦---
8m-Cresol, % wt ≧-5041
9Cresol + Xylenlo, % wt ≧--60
10Tricresol, % wt ≦--5
Note 1: in liquid state, o-cresol is colorless or slightly colored transparent liquid
Note 2:cresol includes all isomers of C7H8O; xylenlo includes all isomers of C8H10O.
Note 3: tricresol includes all isomers of C9H12O.

2. Performances of 40,000TPA Phenol Purification Plant

IProduction Capacity   
 Crude Phenol Purification Plantkt/a40 
IIProduct Plan   
3Fuel Oilt/a13564.08 
IIIAnnual Running Daysdays3007200 hrs
IVConsumption of RM and Auxiliaries   
 Crude Phenolt/a37677.6outsourcing
VConsumption of Utilities   
1Fresh Watert/a82034Living and others
3Natural gasNm3/a622.08×104 

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