1 year IUDTV subscription Best French channels package support E2 MAG Andriod TV BOX

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1 year IUDTV subscription Best French channels package support E2 MAG Andriod TV BOX

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1 year IUDTV subscription Best French channels package support E2 MAG Andriod TV BOX 





Ours servers have been steadily running 4 years, many people recognized us. If you order more than 100, we provide Reseller Control Panel for your convenience.

  • From iudtv app, you can enjoy almost of the Europe hot iptv subscription, like Italy England Germany Arabic Russian Ex-Yu Turkish French Indian Polish Greece Swedish Portugal Spanish iptv channels. You will enjoy top channels like sports, outdoors, reality show, entertainment, news, movie, music and so on.

  • We will add customer favorite tv shows according to your feedbacks and server stability needs, so channels lists will keep updating.

  • Except Android device (tv box, phone, tablet), iudtv can Install on Mag box, Enigma2 receiver and M3U VLC Player, you will take the best from our iptv server.

  • Iudtv Code will be calculated when send it to you, and we offer quantity order discounts.

  • If you want to know anything else, please leave a message to our customer service, we will replay as soon as possible.

key features
IUDTV Pacakge1700+ iptv channels
SKYItaly Germany UK
ArabicNile, Sport, Movies
TurkishLig TV, Filmbox
Other IPTV ChannelsRai, Pink, Italy Premium, ZEE, SKY Cinema, Spanish CanalSat
HD ChannelsYes, for better watching your Internet should be more than 8 Mbps
Reseller Control PanelYes, MOQ(minimum order quantity) 10 yearly Subscriptions.
Customized apkYes, MOQ(minimum order quantity) 200 Subscriptions.
Free Test CodeYes, 24 hours, please tell us what device you have.



Note:This is Only 1 Year Subscription without BOX.








Channel List:


Notice:Channel list will be updated frequently, each one can not be noticed.
It shall prevail according to the actual channel list.
Our company own the final explanation right.

update on 2017-05-04
,add the IRAN channel ,
Denmark ,etc.


NOChannel ListNOChannel ListNOChannel List
1IT: Rai 1 HD696UK: Sky News HD1390FR: Beinsport 1
2IT: Rai 2 HD697UK: Sky Sports News HD1391FR: Beinsport 2
3IT: Rai 3 HD698UK: Sky Sports 1 HD1392FR: Beinsport 3
4IT: Rai 4 HD699UK: Sky Sport 1 SD1393FR: Bein Sport Max 4
5IT: Rai 5 HD700UK: Sky Sports 2 HD1394FR: Bein Sport Max 5
6IT: Rai yoyo701UK: Sky Sport 2 SD1395FR: Bein Sport Max 6
7IT: Rai Gulp702UK: Sky Sports 3 HD1396FR: Bein Sport Max 7
8IT: Rai Movie703UK: Sky Sport 3 SD1397FR: Bein Sport Max 8
9IT: Rai Premium704UK: Sky Sports 4 HD1398FR: Bein Sport Max 9
10IT: Rai News 24705UK: Sky Sport 4 SD1399FR: Bein Sport Max 10
11IT: Rete 4706UK: Sky Sports 5 HD1400FR: Eurosport 1 HD
12IT: RSI La1 HD707UK: Sky Sport 5 SD1401FR: Eurosport 2 HD
13IT: RSI La2 HD708UK: Sky Sports F11402FR: SFR Sport 1
14IT: History alb709UK: Sky Sport AU 11403FR: SFR Sport 2
15IT: Telearena710UK: Sky Premier Sports HD1404FR: SFR Sport 3
16IT: Telepavia711UK: Sky Setanta Sports1405FR: OL tv
17IT: Telemilano712UK: Sky Eurosport 1 HD1406FR: Foot+ 24
18IT: TeleTicino713UK: Sky Eurosport 2 HD1407FR: InfoSport+
19IT: Orler714UK: Sky 11408FR: Canal+ Sport
20IT: Super TV715UK: Sky 21409FR: Ma Chaine Sport (MCS) HD
21IT: TRM TV716UK: Sky 1 HD1410FR: A la Carte 1
22IT: videocalabria717UK: Sky 2 HD1411FR: A la Carte 2
23IT: Tele 8718UK: Sky Europe1412FR: A la Carte 3
24IT: RTV San Marino719UK: Sky Extra1413FR: A la Carte 4
25IT: Euroneww Italia720UK: Sky Liverpool FC TV HD1414FR: A la Carte 5
26IT: Canale 7721UK: Sky Chelsea TV HD1415FR: A la Carte 6
27IT: TVM 1 Dvr722UK: Sky MUTV1416FR: A la Carte 7
28IT: TVM 2 Dvr723Uk: Sky At the Races1417FR: A la Carte 8
29IT: Cartoonito724UK: Sky Movies Premiere HD1418FR: A la Carte 9
30IT: Italia 1 HD725UK: Sky Movies Disney1419FR: A la Carte 10
31IT: Canale 5 HD726UK: Sky Movies Select HD1420FR: Canal+ Cinema
32IT: Real Time727UK: Sky Movies Action HD1421FR: Canal+ Family
33IT: Dmax728UK: Sky Movies Greats1422FR: Cine+ Emotion
34IT: Telerama729UK: Sky Movies Family HD1423FR: Canal+ Serie
35IT: La 5730UK: Sky Movies Drama HD1424FR: Canal+ Decale
36IT: La7731UK: Sky Movies Comedy HD1425FR: Cine+ Classic
37IT: Sky Cinema 1 HD732UK: Sky Movies Crime1426FR: Cine+ Premier
38IT: Sky Cinema +1 HD733UK: Sky Movies Sci-Fi+1427FR: Cine+ Frisson
39IT: Sky Cinema +24 HD734UK: Sky Movies 241428FR: Cine+ Famiz
40IT: Sky Cinema Hits HD735UK: Sky True Movies 11429FR: Canal +
41IT: Sky Cinema Cult HD736UK: Sky True Movies 21430FR: Canal J
42IT: Sky Cinema Max HD737UK: Sky More 4 HD1431FR: Cine Polar
43IT: Sky Cinema +Max HD738UK: Sky More4 +11432FR: Cine FX
44IT: Sky Cinema Passion HD739UK: Sky Film 4 HD1433FR: Cine Comédie+HD
45IT: Sky Cinema Comedy HD740UK: Sky Film4 HD1434FR: Série Club HD
46IT: Sky Cinema Classic HD741UK: Sky Film4 +1 HD1435FR: SCIENCES & VIE
47IT: Sky Cinema Family HD742UK: Sky ITV 11436FR: Paris Premiere HD
48IT: Fm italia743UK: Sky ITV HD1437FR: OCS Max HD
49IT: Mtv Music744UK: Sky ITV +1 HD1438FR: OCS Choc HD
50IT: Giallo745UK: Sky ITV 21439FR: OCS Géants HD
51IT: Cielo746UK: Sky ITV 31440FR: Voyage TV
52IT: Boing747UK: Sky IITV2 HD1441FR: TF1 HD
53IT: Super!748UK: Sky ITV 41442FR: I-Tele
54IT: k2749UK: Sky ITV4+11443FR: RMC Decouverte
55IT: E! Ent750UK: Sky IITV4 HD1444FR: E entertainment
56IT: Iris751UK: Sky ITVBe1445FR: TV5 Monde
57IT: Alice HD752UK: Sky ITV Encore1446FR: TVBreish
58IT: Sat 2000753UK: Sky Cbs Drama1447FR: C 8
59IT: Onda tv754UK: Sky Pick1448FR: C Star
60IT: TV 8755UK: Sky Pick+11449FR: 13 rue HD
61IT: Paramount756UK: Sky Cbs Action1450FR: Boing
62IT: Frisbee757UK: Sky CBS Reality1451FR: Téva HD
63IT: Fine Living758UK: Sky BBC One HD1452FR: Syfy HD
64IT: Deejay TV759UK: Sky BBC Two HD1453FR: Weo TV
65IT: Classica HD760UK: Sky BBC Three HD1454FR: Action HD
66IT: Class Horse TV761UK: Sky BBC Four HD1455FR: RTL 9 HD
67IT: Pescare Cacciare TV762UK: Sky Comedy Central1456FR: Animaux HD
68IT: Telelombardia763UK: Sky Comedy Central Ex1457FR: Planete AE+C
69IT: Nuvolari764UK: Sky Food Network1458FR: Planète + HD
70IT: Sky Top Crime765UK: Sky Good Food HD1459FR: NatIional Geo HD
71IT: Sky Sienatv766UK: Sky Bloomberg HD1460FR: Discovery Science HD
72IT: Sky Uno HD767UK: Sky Boomerang1461FR: Boomerang
73IT: Sky Focus768UK: Sky Nickelodeon1462FR: Disney Cinemagic
74IT: Sky Mediaset Extra769UK: Sky Cartoon Network1463FR: Disney Channel
75IT: Sky Mediaset Italia 2770UK: Sky NickToons1464FR: Teletoon+
76IT: Sky Fox Animation HD771UK: Sky Disney XD HD1465FR: M6 HD
77IT: Sky Fox Comedy HD772UK: Sky Disney Junior HD1466FR: France 0
78IT: Sky Fox Crime HD773UK: Sky Disney Chaneel HD1467FR: France 2
79IT: Sky Fox Life HD774UK: Sky Discovery Science1468FR: France 3
80IT: Sky Fox HD775UK: Sky Discovery History1469FR: France 4
81IT: Sky Fox Sport HD776UK: Sky Discovery Turbo1470FR: France 5
82IT: Sky Sport 1 HD777UK: Sky Discovery Shed1471FR: France 24
83IT: Sky Sport 2 HD778UK: Sky Discovery1472FR: TCM HD
84IT: Sky Sport 3 HD779UK: Sky National Geographic HD1473FR: NT1
85IT: Sky Sport 24 HD780UK: Sky Nat Geo Wild HD1474FR: Nrj 12
86IT: Sky Sport F1 HD781UK: Sky Animal Planet HD1475FR: 6Ter HD
87IT: Sky Moto GP HD782UK: Sky History HD1476FR: Manga
88IT: Super Tennis HD783UK: Sky History 21477FR: Ushuaia TV HD
89IT: Rai Sport 1784UK: Sky Ci1478FR: Rts Un
90IT: Rai Sport 2785UK: Sky 11479FR: Gulli
91IT: Juventus786UK: Sky 21480FR: Music MFM TV
92IT: SportTitalia787UK: Sky Channel 4 HD1481FR: Toute l Histoire
93IT: Rete Sport788UK: Sky Atlantic1482FR: BFM Business
94IT: Sky Eurosport789UK: Sky E!1483FR: Assemble Nationale
95IT: Sky Eurosport 2790UK: Sky VH11484FR: Numero 23
96IT: Sky Supercalcio HD791UK: Sky E41485FR: Cherie 25
97IT: Sky Calcio 1 HD792UK: Sky Syfy1486FR: W9
98IT: Sky Calcio 2 HD793UK: Sky CNBC1487FR: Arte
99IT: Sky Calcio 3 HD794UK: Sky Dave HD1488FR: LCi
100IT: Sky Calcio 4 HD795UK: Sky RTE One1489

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