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Customized SUS304 483 L Kitchen Soak Tank For Restaurants / Supermarkets

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Customized SUS304 483 L Kitchen Soak Tank For Restaurants / Supermarkets

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Product Details

Customized SUS304 483 L Kitchen Soak Tank For Restaurants / Supermarkets



The system is the most efficient and cost effective method of removing Carbon and FOG (Fats, Oils & Grease).




One person operation with hand held control

Load bearing of 260 kg

OH&S compliant, making the workpalce safer

Easily load up to 15 range hood filters

Neoprene seal under the lid keeping the heat in and reducing power costs.

Food grade stainless steel with a double insulated frame allowing for temperature adjustments.


Safety features


Gas strut lid, making opening and closing safer

Heavy duty lockable castors

Automatic overload cut off

Limit switch


Skymen Kitche Heated soak tank staandrad size Recommandation:


ModelVolumeTank size (mm) Unit Size (mm)     Basket size (mm)


Small tank: suitable for canopy fitlers, grill tops, pans and small trays.

Medium tank(popular size):  suitable for busy medium sized pans and large trays & oven racks.

Large tank: suitable for greasy filters, pots, baking trays, etc,

From 10 gallons to 90 gallons We also offer custom sizes for larger applications.

Different tank size is available,We also offer custom sizes for larger applications.


Competitive Advantage:


Soak Tank Degreasers-Best Soak Tank Degreasers

Save Soak Tank System helps catering / hospitality related businesses cut costs and increase efficiency

The system is the most efficient and cost effective method of removing Carbon and FOG (Fats, Oils & Grease).

Restaurants, Hotels, Bakeries, Supermarkets and other Commercial kitchens depend on this state of the art technology for the ultimate cleaning power, for reducing utility bills, lowering kitchen overhead, increasing productivity and providing a meaningful Return on Investment.


Heated Soak Tank used in Commercial Kitchens and Bakeries to clean Carbon Build up and F.O.G. (Fats, Oils & Grease) from equipment including aluminum baking pans, hood filters, baking racks, floor mats and more


How to use ?

  • Fill the tank with clean hot water to the maxim - Line
  • Plug into the electrical outlet and switch on
  • Set the temperature;
  • Add the carbon/ oil remove powder and stir the solution
  • Load the equipment such as pots, pans, hood filters and more. Use the lifting basket to lower the items into the appliance.
  • Remove the items and rinse off any carbon residue. Heavily carbonized equipment may need an additional soak.


     Tank :1.These are all double walled and insulated. The tank material : sus 304

Lid: 2.will have a lockable lid when open or shut similar to the photos.

     Basket:3.Basket can be able to remove from the tank and have a number of lift points in

      the inside of the tank, as it can get heavy with kitchen equipment;

Wheel:4.For wheels we will design to provide heavy duty lockable castor wheels ,so hold the caster wheel from moving and ease moving during cleaning time


How does your system differ from the heated soak tanks?

The cleaning in all soak tanks is provided by a chemical reaction between the solution and the soils on the items to be cleaned. The speed of chemical reactions is determined by 3 factors;

  • Contact Time – the items are immersed in the solution so the contact time is the same.
  • Chemical Concentration – In order to be people safe – the concentrations of the chemicals in the tanks are all similar to each other.
  • Reaction Temperature – Elevating the temperature is the easiest way to speed up the chemical reaction in a soak tank. A speedier reaction means that the dirty items will be cleaned in a shorter time.

Heated soak tanks are good for high volume food service applications where the extra production of the tank offsets the increased costs of the tank and the energy consumed. Our tank is designed for the average restaurant where a room temperature reaction time is still enough to handle their cleaning requirements. Everything gets as clean in an unheated tank – it just takes longer to get it done.


How often does the water need to be changed?

The solution in the tank including the Deep Soak Cleaner Concentrate needs to be changed every 30 days following the instructions on the lid of the tank.

Is the Deep Soak Cleaner Concentrate safe?

The Deep Soak Cleaner concentrate is non-corrosive, non-toxic, and bio-degradable. It will not pit or harm aluminum and stainless steel, and is safe for contact by your employees.

What can I clean in the tank?

The tank is designed to clean hood filters, pots, pans, roasting tins, cook tops, bakery sheets, bread pans, pizza pans, and most of the items used in the kitchen.

Can I clean my Hood filters in the tank?

Soaking grease covered hood filters in the Deep Soak Cleaning Tank is a great way to clean them – and it eliminates the expensive outside service that some restaurants use to clean them.

Is the Deep Soak Solution Aluminum safe?

The Deep Soak Cleaner is aluminum and stainless steel safe provided the solution is changed every month. Part of the formula is used to protect the aluminum during cleaning and loses it effectiveness after one month.

How long must items remain in the tank to be clean?
Typically, an overnight soak will clean the grease and lightly carbonized deposits off of cookware.

What if something does not get completely clean overnight?

If grease is heavily baked on and carbonized, the item may require a longer soak period. We have customers who leave their extremely dirty cookware in the tank over a weekend and when they return the items can be rinsed clean.

Is the used solution safe to be disposed in the drain?

Deep Soak Cleaner is biodegradeable and is contains no chemicals harmful to the environment. At the end of the month, drain the tank into a floor drain as outlined in the instructions.


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