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Guangzhou Beauty And Health Electronic Co., Ltd.

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Address: A2508 Huilong Electronic Industry Park, Jiahe Street Baiyun District Guangzhou 510000 China

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Guangzhou Beauty And Health Electronic Co., Ltd.

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Our Story Began At........


We are sports enthusiasts and know each others on skating 2010, that time we are 19-21 years old, very young.
This beauty company invite us to john and develop new series for oversea marketing, we know it would be interested.

Actually they do health analysis machine,too. That's skin analyzer and the 2nd generation quantum resonance magnetic analyzer. Until 2012 the version 2.8.0 born.

Se selling a lot machine in China and oversea. As many customers needed we cooperate with them to develop new language software for quantum resonance magnetic analyzer.

Until now there are many customers in other countries use software we developed. The latest version is Vitnamese language, one of the customer from Vitnam contact with Ms Tina Katrina to develop the new language.



Our brand already being the standard to sub-health detecting machine area. Some young girls and boys john us that time. So the 3rd generation quantum resonance magnetic analyzer developed. that's version 3.3.0. Many regular customers watching this and don;t laugh me, we cooperate so long,ha... and the 3d nls health analyzer, even we stop selling this machine cause fake machine screw this 3D NLS market.


The skin analyzer and quantum analyzer already upgrade a lot, we release should pay more attention on beauty area, the market need new skin analyzer, but the old one hard to do upgrade, that's why we dont launch new version in past 3 years.

Basic on this situation we decide to develop a compelete new one. New outfit, new software and dual-core processor. Thank you John's support.


As business expanding, we hard to facing customers after sales and training, so new build up new group for services and pictures design. Some beauty machine in China lack of technique so we thinking about to import some advance products cause we selling many skin analyzer and beauty machine to Korea, we have good relationship to get best machine and price. Thank you Lee's help for Korea.

Finnaly we got the vital injector and being agent. As test we display it on Canton Baauty Expo. then got many feedbacks from beauty salon and cosmetic distributors, they like it. Cuase the quantum analyzer hard to follow customers needed and the market mature, we need something new lead to better so developing 5D analysis machine, it should be finish in 2016.



RF beauty machine being major in past a few years, such as thermage. We think there is a very big market cause people all concern about skin tighten and wrinkle remove. After research and development, we made SMAS face lifting machine and new skin tighten machine. Considering we will attend Beauty Expo. in Malaysia this summer, we upgrade the acne treatment machine special good working to asian, if work with face lifting machine almost all skin problem can be settled. 

The new skin analyzer actually finish at this monment ( March ), we are testing it, next month it can face customers.  We will looking for distributors in Beauty Expo. and developing new language, that monment will offer some location solo agent for some special area.


Our Story never stop.....

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Company Name: Guangzhou Beauty And Health Electronic Co., Ltd.
City: guangzhou
Province: guangdong
Country: china
Address: A2508 Huilong Electronic Industry Park, Jiahe Street Baiyun District Guangzhou 510000 China