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Shenzhen Sinpure Technology Co.,Ltd is an OEM manufacturer focus on micro small metal tubes and solutions to tube production. With more than 12 years production experience in micro small metal tubes, continuous enhancement of precision and breakthrough in development limit by material and in complexities of assembly parts, we are selling 65% of our products in over 55 countries.

We been long dedicated to production of micro small metal tubes. The smallest tube can be achieved is 0.25mm in OD. We can supply micro small stainless steel tubes, brass tubes, aluminum tubes, carbon steel tubes and assembly parts made of micro small tubes and precision parts. In addition, we offer the following machiningflaring, swaging, character engraving, bending, hole drilling, welding, telescoping, sharpening, beveling, etc.. We have set up standards for tubing production, for quality control and for clean packaging. All these standards together with full production chains will ensure less concerns about quality and lead time.most of tubeproducts are used in medical and electronic industry, on aircrafts, automobiles and outdoors products.

If you have any products need to custom, welcome send your drawings or samples to us for a quotation.

Email: joan@oem-sinpure.com

Whatsapp: 0086 18927479794



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