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High Quality 99% Raw Steroids CAS 76-43-7 Fluoxymesterone Halotestin for Bodybuilding

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High Quality 99% Raw Steroids CAS 76-43-7 Fluoxymesterone Halotestin for Bodybuilding

Country/Region china
City & Province hongkong
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Product Details

High Quality 99% Raw Steroids CAS 76-43-7 Fluoxymesterone Halotestin for Bodybuilding


1, Quick Details


Model NO.: 76-43-7
Customized: Customized
Suitable for: Adult
Purity: >99%
CAS Register Number: 76-43-7
Payment Terms: Western Union, , T/T
Policy: Re-Shipping Policy
Supply Ability: 1000kg/Month
Assay: 99.6%
Specification: ISO 9001
HS Code: 2942000000
Powder: Yes
Certification: GMP, HSE, ISO 9001, USP, BP
State: Solid
Product Name: Fluoxymesterone Halotestin
Halotestin Delivery: EMS, UPS, FedEx, DHL etc
Delivery Time: 5-7 Working Days
Halotestin Factory Price: Yes
Storage: Keep in Dry
Origin: China


2, COA


DescriptionWhite or Almost White Crystalline PowderWhite Powder
Specific Rotation+104°~+112°+107.8°
Loss On Drying1.0%max0.36%
Chromatographic Puritysingle impurity:1.0%max<1.0%
 total impurities:2.0%max<2.0%
Organic Volatile Impuritiesmeets the requirement.Conforms
Residual Solventsmeets the requirement.Conforms
ConclusionThe specification conform with USP30 standard


3, Description


Fluoxymesterone is used to treat breast cancer. It is a palliative treatment for recurrent estrogen-receptor positive breast cancer.Halotestin (fluoxymesterone), known as just halo in the fitness world, is one of the strongest anabolic-androgenic steroids available and comes in oral form. It was amazingly developed in the late 50′s and the medical use for this compound is to help with boys who are in delayed puberty.


4, Application


Fluoxymesterone is classified as an androgen. Androgens are hormones such as testosterone and androsterone that produce or stimulate the development of male characteristics. In women, these hormones can be converted into estrogen. Androgens as cancer therapy are used to oppose the activity of estrogen, thereby slowing the growth of cancer.Hormone therapy can work by stopping the production of a certain hormone, blocking hormone receptors, or substituting chemically similar agents for the active hormone, which cannot be used by the tumor cell. The different types of hormone therapies are categorized by their function and/or the type of hormone that is effected.


5, Novice user's cycle


Beginner Halotestin Cycles
Beginner Halotestin Cycle Example (12 weeks total cycle time)
Weeks 1 – 12:
– Testosterone Enanthate at 300 – 500mg/week
Weeks 1 – 6:
– Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) at 20mg/day


Intermediate Halotestin Cycles
Intermediate Halotestin Cycle Example (12 weeks total cycle time)
Weeks 1 – 12:
– Testosterone Enanthate at 100mg/week
– Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) at 400mg/week
Weeks 1 – 6:
– Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) at 30mg/day


Advanced Halotestin Cycles
Advanced Halotestin Cycle Example (10 weeks total cycle time)
Weeks 1 – 10:
– Testosterone Propionate at 100mg/week (25mg every other day)
– Trenbolone Acetate at 400mg/week (100mg every other day)
Weeks 6 – 10:
– Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) at 40mg/day


6, Results


Use 20 to 30mg Mestanolone daily; Add a high muscle mass building anabolic in moderate amount; Increase protein; Infuse increased diet with high vitamin foods; Mestanolone


7, Search keyword


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8, Why choose us?


Rich experience

Having been specialized in this field for years, we have rich experience and widespread sales network around the word. Our steroid and hormones have been exported to overseas, like Europe, Africa, Asia, America and other countries. We are not got good feedback from our guest, but also established long business relationship with them.We can supply many kinds of new liquid blend with different strength;


Great quality and high purity.

Good quality is one secret for our success. All of our products enjoys high purity. Thus, it can make sure our client's need. Welcome order the samples, MOQ just 10 grams;


Safest and fastest delivery.

We have mass stock, so that we can arrange the delivery within 24hours once receiving the payment. Tracking number would be informed quickly after shipment. We have our own way of packing which could ship 0.01 kilo to 50 kilo products a time.We can supply all steroid powder and solution with different strength;


Package and payment.

We can supply package picture and tracking number after we send out within 8 hours after payment (3-7 working days)

payment by western union,Bitcoin or bank wire,,T/T.

Perfect after-sales service 24/7 hours.


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10, Contact me



Sales Manager :Jason
Email :Jason@sinosteroids.com

WhatsApp :+86 13016435579

HongKong Blue Universal Co., Limited.


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