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steel pipe cut blade tungsten carbide rotary circular slitter knife

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steel pipe cut blade tungsten carbide rotary circular slitter knife

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Product Details

Steel pipe cut blade tungsten carbide rotary circular slitter knife

The pipe cut slitter knife is a commonly used for paper pipe, copper pipe and steel pipe,etc. These knives are manufactured from many steel types. We manufacture custom blades and related tooling for the above and many other industries. We can support your cutting or converting application with the highest quality,China made products delivered in a timely manner.


Material optional
1.High Carbon stee

2.High speed steel

3.Special alloy
5.Stainless steel
6.Tool steel
7.Tungsten Carbide
8.SKD11,Cr12Mov, etc.


Pneumatic slitter knife parameter sheet

score slitter knife
75 x 19 x 2/675192/6
76 x 17 x 2/576172/5
76 x 19 x 3/676193/6
76 x 22 x 3/676223/6
76 x 25.4 x 1.27625.41.2
76 x 26 x 276262
95 x 55 x 295552
92 x 25 x 492254
108 x32 x 2108322


Features and Benefits

  • 10 production processes to go through for every individual knife.
  • Assuring the ultimate in life time.
  • Lower yearly knife consumption costs.
  • Triple tempered to retain the hardness while toughness kept.
  • Strictly quality control for excellent valve.
  • High precision, high intensity, excellent hardness,small thermal deformation.
  • Matched to their applications.
  • Intregrated output increase.
  • Reduce unsurpassed edge quality.
  • Reward customers with high Productivity.

Main applications of our blades and knives

  • Paper industry
  • Printing industry
  • Wood industry
  • Metal industry
  • Textile industry
  • Plastic,rubber,film,foil,fiber glass cutting.

Our service

  • Individual design of tooling system with harsle optional solutions for special slitter-tooling, designed for your applications.
  • Analysis and solutions for shear problem. For example, burr and crack. We know the real problem and how to solve it.
  • Inspection for machines.We can provide technical service from our engineer to assist you in realizing a high quality output.
  • We can make the drawing for you according to your description.
  • We can recommend the best material and hardness according to your application.
  • Samples accepted.
  • If any failure caused by us, we will reproduce new blades for you for free.

About us

Maanshan Sinostar Industrial Co.,Ltd specialized in all kinds of blades and knives, especially for slitter knives, paper cutting knives, shear knife, special-shaped knife, alloy blade, paper-knife, circular knife, cutting knife, cut-off knife, crushing knife, serrated knife, rotary cutting knife, sealing cutting knife, packaging machine blades, printing machine doctor blades, etc.


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