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20Tons horizontal drilling drilling rig for sale with Cummins 6BTA5.9-C150 power engine

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20Tons horizontal drilling drilling rig for sale with Cummins 6BTA5.9-C150 power engine

City & Province wuxi jiangsu
Categories Mechanical Transmission Parts

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hdd machine horizontal drilling drilling rig



1.Equipped with two-speed power head, the rig run in low speed at the time of drilling and reaming back to ensure smooth construction. When Light back and forth to load and unload rods, the power head can accelerate sliding to reduce the auxiliary time and improve the work efficiency.

2.Rubber tracks have the least impact on roads, lawns and scenic spots.

3.Application of our patented technology of floating vise, which can effectively extend the life of the drill pipe.

4.The rotation console can increase the operator’s field of view and reduce the fatigue, to make the operation more simple and comfortable.

5.Drilling rod automatic loading and unloading device can improve work efficiency, reduce the labor intensity and the number of workers.

6.Hydraulic drive. The fuel tank and the low speed and high torque motor control the drilling and retraction of the bolt, easy to operate.

7.The hood design is reasonable, Making engine maintenance and hydraulic system replacement filter simple and convenient.


Model-Cummins 6BTAA5.9-C150
Rated powerKW/r/min112/2200
Push and pull  
Maximum forceKN225
Maximum speedm/min26
TorqueN · m6350
Maximum rotation speedr/min160
Mud pump  
Maximum flowL/min250
Maximum pressureMpa8
Drill rodmm*mφ60×3
Lorry crane  
Hoisting weightT--
Lifting momentt•m--
Maximum entry angle°22
Maximum return diametermmφ600
Remark-Optional: automatic anchoring system, cab, air conditioning, mud antifreeze, mud cleaning, Mud throttling

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