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SINOBALER Machinery Company Limited

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Sinobaler Machinery is the baler manufacturer pioneer in China. We have a wide range of vertical balers and horizontal balers for different applications incl used clothes, cardboard, plastics, wood shavings, sawdust, plant fiber, animal fiber, tire, paper and drums etc.From vertical baler to horizontal baler, from mini baler to fully automatic baler, from single chamber baler to swivel twin chamber baler, from lifting chamber baler to baling and bagging baler, you decide which baler you need. Please visit us at http://www.sinobaler.com for more information.


For more details, please visit sinobaler website or call us at 86 574 87305555, or skype sinobaler, or email us to info@sinobaler.comfor direct service.

Hot Products

SINOBALER Drum crusher is designed especially to flatten metal containers like drums or barrels by ...
Mini baler or small baler is the ideal baling solution for small-scale recycling business. It has ...
SINOBALER lifting chamber baler is ideal to bale used clothes, rags, cotton and fibers etc. It is ...
SINOBALER Swivel twin lifting chamber baler is very efficient to compress textiles, used clothes, ...
SINOBALER Mill Size Baler is popular as vertical cardboard baler. It is widely used in waste ...
SINOBALER heavy duty dual ram baler are designed with large press force which is ideal to compress ...

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Company Name: SINOBALER Machinery Company Limited
Country: china