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Cross Linked Korea Buttock Enhancement Injections Buttocks Lift Without Surgery

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Cross Linked Korea Buttock Enhancement Injections Buttocks Lift Without Surgery

Country/Region china
City & Province hebei
Categories Surgical Instruments

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Cross linked injections korea dermal filler for buttock enhancement

Over time, our bodies lose their form because of weakening muscular and connective tissue as well as physical inactivity. This loss of shape and volume can be especially prevalent in the buttocks, which begin to sag because of the lack of supporting tissue. In addition to causing a lax look of the skin, the loss of volume can lead to a lessened ability to support your own weight because the buttocks are heavily involved in stabilizing the body’s core.
Many patients choose procedures like surgical fat transfers in order to address this concern but for those who cannot undergo invasive treatments, there can be a limited amount of options. This is why use butt enhancement gel buttock fillers treatment, a novel and minimally invasive solution for the loss of volume in the buttocks.


Have you tried wearing your once most figure-flattering pants and notice that it just doesn’t fit well anymore? Or have you refrained from buying a super sexy dress because you feel like you don’t have enough “assets” behind?
Buttocks Shapes


Like the rest of your body, the shape of your buttocks will bring balance to your overall body contour. Now, not everyone has the same butt shape, according to cosmetic surgeons, there are 4 major butt shapes, the square, the “V”, the round, and the heart-shaped buttocks.

  • Square shape

The square-shaped buttocks are those who have almost equal in size from waist to hips which gives a straight appearance to the body which also resembles a masculine physique.

  • V shape

The “V” shaped buttocks, on the other hand, is considered one of the least attractive butt shapes because this gives the look of a wider waist with smaller hips.

  • Round shape

The third shape, which is the round shaped buttocks, has the look of having an equal ratio between the waist and the hips and may sometimes give the impression of being bottom-heavy.

  • Heart shape (Best shape)

Lastly, the heart-shaped butt which is considered the sexiest shape, as it gives the appearance of a slimmer waist with heavier hips.
No matter what your butt shape is, our buttock hyaluronate acid filler injection 10ml will find a way to improve it with butt augmentation.


TypeSimo Better FineSimo Better DermSimo Better DeepSimo Better Subskin
Treatment areasForehead wrinkles, Frown lines, Crow"s feet, Lip prints, Earlobe enlargementNasolabial folds, cheeks padding, nasolabial groove, lip enhancementRhinoplasty, chin, chest enlargementButtocks, breast, penis enlargement
Where to injectvery thin, superficial linesMedium particle size for moderate wrinklesLarger particles for deep foldsLargest particles for body
BD needle size30G27G27G23G
Approximate number of gel particles ml400,000200,000100,00020,000
Paticle size (mm)0.10-0.150.15-0.280.28-0.50.5-1.25
Volume of syringe1ml/2ml1ml/2ml1ml/2ml10ml


20mg/ml9-18 monthsNon animalRoom temperatureCross linked


The latest advances in medicine have provided a non-surgical dermal filler injectable hip enhance(buttock) alternative. Using dermal buttock fillers, you can have a non-surgical buttock enhancement by naturally lifting the butt, filling and contouring, guaranteeing you a better fit in your jeans. The filler for buttock augmentation treatment even uses local anesthesia, meaning minimal to no discomfort, and the ability to return home the same day. The average treatment session lasts 60 minutes and results typically require 2-3 sittings.


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