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4 RT 100 Ton Rubber Silicone Flat Molding Vulcanizing Machine High Efficiency

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4 RT 100 Ton Rubber Silicone Flat Molding Vulcanizing Machine High Efficiency

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Product Details

4 RT 100 Ton high efficiency Rubber Silicone Flat Molding Vulcanizing Machine



Brief Introduction to Rubber Vulcanization Industry:

In the rubber industry, the flat vulcanizing machine is an early type of machine. The vulcanizing machine is mainly used for the forming of vulcanized flat tape, rubber sheet, polymer and other flat products. It has a large pressure per unit area of ​​the hot plate. Reliable operation and low maintenance.

Flat vulcanizing machine is a mechanical product commonly used in the rubber machinery industry. It is suitable for vulcanization and pressing of various rubber and plastic products. Fully automatic rubber vulcanizing machine under PLC control computer automatic detection system, humanized programming design, automatic completion of mold clamping, forced mold opening, mold shifting, vulcanization timing, exhaust time and frequency setting, front belt flap, die Multiple ejection devices and other functions; work cycle, automatic or manual switching, suitable for all kinds of rubber model products and non-model products, such as: seals, O-rings, oil seals, rubber pads, thermosetting plastics, foam, resin, Building materials and other rubber and plastic products. It is an advanced and reliable automation equipment for rubber and plastic vulcanized products.

The main function of the vulcanizing press is to provide the pressure and temperature required for vulcanization. The pressure is generated by the hydraulic system through a hydraulic cylinder, and the temperature is provided by a heating medium (usually steam, heat transfer oil, etc.). The flat belt vulcanizing machine can be mainly divided into two types: column flat belt vulcanizing machine and frame flat belt flat vulcanizing machine according to the structure of the frame; according to the number of working layers, there can be single layer and multiple layers: according to the hydraulic system The working medium can be divided into oil pressure and water pressure.



What are the main factors affecting the vulcanization process:

1. Vulcanization temperature: If the temperature is 10 °C higher, the vulcanization time of the vulcanizing press is shortened by about half. Since the rubber is a poor thermal conductor, the vulcanization process of the product differs due to the difference in temperature of each part. In order to ensure a relatively uniform degree of vulcanization, thick rubber products generally adopt a gradual heating, low temperature and long-term vulcanization.

2, vulcanization time: This is an important part of the vulcanization process. The time is too short, the degree of vulcanization is insufficient (also known as sulfur). The time is too long, the degree of vulcanization is too high (commonly known as sulfur). The vulcanizing machine only has a suitable degree of vulcanization ( Commonly known as vulcanization), to ensure the best overall performance.

Sulfur dosage: The larger the dosage, the faster the vulcanization rate, the higher the degree of vulcanization that can be achieved by the vulcanizing press. The solubility of sulfur in rubber is limited, and the excessive sulfur will be precipitated from the surface of the rubber compound. Sulfur". In order to reduce the phenomenon of sulfur spraying, it is required to add sulfur at the lowest possible temperature, or at least below the melting point of sulfur. According to the requirements of rubber products, the amount of sulfur in soft rubber is generally not more than 3 %, the amount in the semi-hard rubber is generally about 20%, and the amount in the hard rubber vulcanization condition can be as high as 40% or more.



The flat belt vulcanizing machine has the following advantages:

1 Under a certain center distance, it is allowed to install a hydraulic cylinder of a larger diameter, thereby reducing the number of hydraulic cylinders, and having a simple structure and less maintenance;

2 the upper beam is reasonably required, required The section modulus is much smaller than that of the living type, which can reduce the weight;

3 The manufacturing and installation is simple, the pipeline configuration is concealed, and the overall shape of the machine is neat and beautiful.



Main Technical parameter:

Clamp force: 100 Ton

Platen size: 400*460mm

Plunger stroke: 200mm

Heating plates:200-300mm

The bar distance: 490*230mm

Mold openning stroke: 2 RT

Max. operating pressure: 20 MPa

Motor capacity: 7.5*2 (5.5Kw*2)

Heater capacity: 7.2*2kw

Total capacity: 25.4kw

Gross weight: 5 Ton

Machine's dimension: 2500*2080*1950mm



Machine Technical parameter:
Clamping ForceTon3004005001200 
Operation table sizemm700*800850*8501000*10001600*2200 
Plunger strokemm300300350350 
Distance of Thermo-platemm300~400300~400350~450350~550 
Distance of Tie barmm785*380940*4501105*4756 posts 
Die sinking type2RT-3RT-4RT 
Max Operating PressureMpa20202020 
Motor Powerhp10*2(7.5kw*2)15*2(11kw*2)15(11kw)25(18.5kw) 
Electric Heating PowerKw24*226.4*236126 
Total PowerKw6374.847144.5 
Gross weightTon151713.528.5 



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