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CE Passed Super Silent Diesel Generator / Soundproof Diesel Generator 230KW 288KVA

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CE Passed Super Silent Diesel Generator / Soundproof Diesel Generator 230KW 288KVA

Country/Region china
City & Province nanjing jiangsu
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Product Details

Stamford Wattek Alternator 230kw 288kva Diesel Generator Commercial Cummins Engine Generator




Output Ratings










Ratings and Performance Data


Engine BrandCummins
Engine ModelNTA855-G1A
Alternator BrandStamford
Alternator ModelHCI444D
Control SystemDSE6020 / DSE7320

Standard Noise Level@7m

(Soundproof Sets)

77 db
Circuit Breaker Type3 Pole MCCB
Frequency & Phase50Hz & 3PH
Engine Speed: RPM1500
Fuel Tank Capacity: LOpen610
Fuel Consumption (l/hr)110% Load/
100% Load61
75% Load/
50% Load/
Lubricant15W40-CF4 Upgrade
Total Lubricant Capacity (L)36.7



The Details of Silent type Cummins 50hz diesel generator:

220kw 275kva Portable Diesel Generator , Commercial Cummins Engine Generator


The STONE Power diesel generator design except for silent type, also have Open type, Container type, Trailer type for your choose:


For open type, the diesel genset will be much easier to maintenance and repair, with more durable performance and longer service life, so the cost performance is higher.


For silent type, diesel generator set, the noise level can be 68-78db(A) @ 7M; with silent canopy, the genset can be soundproof, rainproof, rustproof, dustproof and more safe.




More Options:


Genset ModelGenset Power(kW)Genset Capacity(kVA)Engine ModelAlternator
SC25M5222028254B3.9-G1PI144EGM-20-4WHI 184F
SC25E5222028254B3.9-G2PI144EGM-20-4WHI 184F
SC27M5242230274B3.9-G1PI144FGM-24-4WHI 184F
SC27E5242230274B3.9-G2PI144FGM-24-4WHI 184F
SC38M5333041384BT3.9-G1PI144JGM-30-4WHI 184H
SC38E5333041384BT3.9-G2PI144JGM-30-4WHI 184H
SC40M5353244404BT3.9-G1PI144JGM-32-4WHI 224C
SC40E5353244404BT3.9-G2PI144JGM-32-4WHI 224C
SC50E5444055504BTA3.9-G2UCI224DMP-40-4WHI 224D
SC60E5554869604BTA3.9-G2UCI224EMP-48-4WHI 224E
SC73E5645880734BTA3.9-G11UCI224GMP-58-4WHI 224E
SC80E5706488804BTA3.9-G11UCI224GMP-64-4WHI 224G
SC100M588801101006BT5.9-G1UCI274CMP-80-4WHI 274C
SC100E588801101006BT5.9-G2UCI274CMP-80-4WHI 274C
SC113E5100901251136BT5.9-G2UCI274DMP-90-4WHI 274D
SC113E5100901251136BTA5.9-G2UCI274DMP-90-4WHI 274D
SC125E51101001381256BTAA5.9-G2UCI274EMP-104-4WHI 274Es
SC138E51201101501386BTAA5.9-G2UCI274EMP-120-4WHI 274D
SC150E51321201651506BTAA5.9-G12UCI274FMP-120-4WHI 274F
SC180M51601442001806CTA8.3-G1UCI274GMP-160-4WHI 274G
SC180M51601442001806CTA8.3-G2UCI274GMP-160-4WHI 274G
SC200E51751602202006CTAA8.3-G2UCI274HMP-160-4WHI 274H
SC225E51981802502256LTAA8.9-G2UCD274JMP-180-4WHI 274J
SC250E52202002752506LTAA8.9-G2UCD274KMP-200-4WHI 274K
SC250E5#220200275250NT855-GAUCD274KMP-200-4WHI 274K
SC288E5250230313288NTA855-G1AHCI444DMP-230-4WHI 4D
SC313E5275250344313NTA855-G1BHCI444ESMP-250-4WHI 4ES
SC350E5310280388350NTA855-G2AHCI444EMP-280-4WHI 4FS
SC350E5#310280388350NTA855-G4HCI444EMP-280-4WHI 4FS
SC375E5330300413375NTAA855-G7HCI444FSMP-300-4WHI 4F
SC400E5350320438400NTAA855-G7AHCI444FMP-320-4WHI 4G
SC450E54003605004506ZTAA13-G4HCI544CMP-400-4AWHI 5C
SC450E5400360500450KTA19-G3HCI544CMP-400-4AWHI 5C
SC500E5440400550500QSZ13-G3HCI544DMP-400-4AWHI 5D
SC500E5440400550500KTA19-G3AHCI544DMP-400-4AWHI 5D
SC500E5#440400550500KTA19-G4HCI544DMP-400-4AWHI 5D
SC563E5500450625563KTAA19-G5HCI544EMP-480-4AWHI 5ES
SC600E5520475650594KTA19-G8HCI544EMP-480-4AWHI 5E
SC625E5550500688625KTAA19-G6AHCI544FSMP-500-4AWHI 5FS
SC650E5580520725650QSK19-G4HCI544FMX-560-4WHI 5F
SC725E5638580800725KT38-GALV634BMX-600-4WHI 6B
SC750E5660600825750KTA38-G2LV634BMX-600-4WHI 6B
SC800E5710640888800KTA38-G2BLV634CMX-640-4WHI 6C
SC913ES8007301000913KTA38-G2ALV634DMX-750-4WHI 6D
SC1000E588080011001000KTA38-G5LV634EMX-850-4WHI 6E
SC1125E5100090012501125KTA38-G9LV634FMX-1030-4WHI 6F
SC1250E51100100013751250KTA50-G3LV634GMX-1030-4WHI 6G
SC1550E51360124017001550KTA50-GS8PI734CMX-1240-4WHI 7C





Q1: How is your Package & Payment & Delivery Date & Warranty?

A.1) Package:Plastic Package.

A.2) Payment: by 30% T/T as deposit, 70% balance should be paid 10 days before shipment. Or 100% L/C at sight.

A.3) Delivery: 25 days after we get the down payment.

A.4) Warranty: All Topower goods are warranted in accordance with our warranty terms for a period of 12 months from date of despatch or 1000 running hours from date of commissioning whichever date occurs the sooner.


Q2: Any advantages about your company?

Answers: SP Brand Diesel Generators

---- Middle-high Positioning;

---- 25days Lead-time;

---- Designed by CAE and CAF Software;

---- Got the ISO and CE certificate;

---- High quality with the best price can help you get more benefit and beat your competitors;

---- Cummins, Perkins, Detuz etc. famous engine brands optional;

----- Open, Soundproof Canopy, Container, Trailer etc. Type for your choose.


Q3: Any catalogue for other brands and power?

YES, WE HAVE! Just Contact Henry for latest Catalogue and Price List freely!


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