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Cellphone Signal Booster | Micro Digital with Outdoor High Quality Industrial Lev

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Signal Jammer - China Aoli Signal jammer Factory

Cellphone Signal Booster | Micro Digital with Outdoor High Quality Industrial Lev

City & Province Shenzhen Guangdong
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GSM/WCDMA Cellphone Signal Booster, Micro Digital with Outdoor High Quality Industrial Lev

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Description:
    • It is designed to supports one mobile system and to help mobile operating to amplify mobile signals indoor areas where 70% of the mobile traffic has been generated with the use of SDR technology
    • The system can easily adjust the sub-band and the channels by software to adapt to the operators requirement without any change on the hardware
  • Features:
    • The digital filters enable repeaters to have over 50dBc out of band rejection
    • The digital repeater supports up to 8 sub-bands and have much better linear phase
    • It also can supports up to 12-channel according to the users specific requirement
    • The multiple sub bands can be configured by software without hardware change
    • The bandwidth could be adjusted according to users demand
    • The channel selective function will minimize the noise floor level, making the repeater truly transparent to mobile networks
    • The repeaters will track the working channels themselves making IBS a fully adaptive system
    • Fully supports GPRS, edge, EV-DO, HSDPA, HSUPA and more
    • Manual gain control (MGC) available for both uplink and downlink to adjust the gain value for proper coverage during installation or maintenance
    • To maintain safe and specific output signal levels and give alarms on self-oscillation, the repeater has built-in AGC and ALC circuits, which can automatically control the gain of the repeater depending upon the strength of input signals
    • The repeater can be locally and remotely monitored and controlled through its integrated software circuit, remote control software of both OMT and OMC are available as per customers' request (optional)



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