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touch panel POE 7 inch Android tablet pc with WIFI Ethernet Build-in NFC RFID Reader

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Shenzhen Sibo Industrial & Development Co., Ltd.

touch panel POE 7 inch Android tablet pc with WIFI Ethernet Build-in NFC RFID Reader

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Product Details

RS232 ,RS485 I/O port &industrial touch panel 7 inch Android tablet pc with WIFI GPS RFID NFC


We have a better solution for:

  • Meeting Room Appointment System
  • Access Control System
  • Time & Attendance System
  • Smart House Control Center
  • Inventory Tracking & managing System
  • Library Guiding System
  • Hospital Room Access & Information System
  • Asset and Document management System
  • Laundry management system

All you need in one box

We have:

  • In wall /On wall/ On glass / Table bracket
  • Glass surface, Button free design
  • Top fading LED
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Build-in NFC / RFID card reader
  • Multiple network support

We could:

  • One year warranty
  • Hardware modifying
  • Software customizing
  • Full technical support

POE Supported:

POE(Power Over Ethernet) is a technology that lets network cables carry electrical power.



With NFC

Build in card reader

We integrated the reading module into the tablet case, so you can tag your card on left top corner of the screen



Our reading module is Arduino based which is easier to program. You can upload your Arduino reading program from the tablet directly


App control

All the data read from the card could be displayed on an Android app. You can also write data or change Keys by using the app



You definitely need networks in an unmanned situation. We provide Bluetooth, WIFI and Ethernet. Tag the card, and the data will be send to the server.



We will provide source code you need once you purchase a sample unit. Please allow me to inform you some basic idea about our NFC reading module.



Tablet-------Arduino Nano-------PN532

Out tablet communicate with an Arduino nano board by using UART. And the Arduino Nano work with PN532 using I2C. You don't have to do the Arduino coding by yourself. We will provide you the arduino code that could read / write the card.


You must be confused that why do we using an Arduino board. That is because with an Arduino board, we could use the Pn532 library that make the coding a lot easier.



NO problem. I will send our source code for NFC testing app source and arduino code. Let me explain a bit about this.


Our NFC function consist of three parts, a PN532 reader module. a Arduino board and the tablet. We have an android app to send command to the arduino board.The arduino board communicate with PN532 reading module. So you need program the arduino code and the andoird app.We use a PN532 library, so it make arduino coding a lot easier.


You could actually do something more than reading and wrting data. You may want to explore it if needed.



Unique On Glass Mount Bracket:

Easy to mount on glass. Sample and clean




Onwall Normal wall mount:



In wall mount method:



Table Mount:






  • 16 Years Experiences in Tablet PC for Automation
  • Competitive Price Directly From Manufacturer( Our Own Factory)
  • Excellent Support for Software and Hardware Modification
  • Services for Customized Logo and package
  • Quick Response for after-sale Services
  • On-time Delivery
  • POE powered
  • IPS High resolution screens


Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details:

10 units in one carton box, 
carton box dimension 30x29.5x28.5cm, 9.3kg/carton

Delivery Detail:

15 Business Days


About us:

Founded in 2001, Sibo has been dedicating to achieve excellence in designing, building and delivering a huge range of electronic applications. We help meet specific needs with custom tailored solutions.



Industrial Universal Tablet with RS232 / RS285 / UART / GPIO Interface port


With our designing and manufacturing capacity, we will devote our expertise and knowledge to meet your business needs by designing and providing the right products to fully implementing Taxi Cabs Advertising Interactive purpose.


Industrial Universal Tablet with RS232 / RS285 / UART / GPIO Interface port 

Contact Person

Sales: Nancy Li
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c.jpg+86-755-26977944 b.jpg+86-755-26977632

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Co.: Shenzhen Sibo Industrial & developent Co., ltd.

We support sample order. Welcome your inquiry!

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