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Water Oxygen Jet Peeling Machine With Dermabrasion + RF Facial Machine Multi - Function

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Water Oxygen Jet Peeling Machine With Dermabrasion + RF Facial Machine Multi - Function

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Water Oxygen Jet Peeling Machine With Dermabrasion + RF Facial Machine Multi - Function


Modle: MBT-390


Details of handles                                                                                  


1.oxygen jet peeling pen:

Inject the beauty product into the bottom of the epidermis via the pressure oxygen injection. Which is strengthen the cells, increase its resistibility, dispel the waste easily and promote its metabolism. So that it can treat and improve the problems such as dark and dim skin, wrinkles, looseness, pigmentation and the conventional skin problems.




2 .dermabrasion:

Through stimulating the epidermis absorb oxygen and stimulate blood circulation, promoting collagen and elastic grow. It mechanically alters the epidermis and invigorates cell renewal to create a healthy, balances skin surface. Minimization of blotchy skin coloring. Reduction of age spots. Rejuvenation of sun damaged skin - face, neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs . Extraction of blackheads and whiteheads. Reduction of oily Skin. Improvement of overall skin health. Reduction of acne and superficial scars from past injury. Suit for any kind of skin, sensitive skin is also available.



3. Oxygen mask:

The red light can enhance the cells activity, promote cells metabolism, make skin excrete large number of collagen protein and fiber tissue to fill on their own; accelerate blood circulation, increase skin elasticity and improve withered and yellow, dark condition of skin. Then achieve the efficacy of anti-aging, anti-oxidation and repairing skin, has a effect that traditional skin care can not comparable. It is especially useful for people in sub healthy state, dry skin and allergic skin. Also, the mask have a oxygen hole on the nose place to help customer have better service.




4.Multipolar RF:

Multi-polar RF handpieces,adopts advanced output mode which could treat the tissue more accurately, enhance blood circulation, generate more collagen, at the same time protect the epidermis with cooling, heat up the dermal layer but keep the epidermis at the normal temperature. The dermal layer could be heat up to 45°C-60°C, to generate more collagen, improve skin texture, remove wrinkle, tighten and lift skin.


Operation theory                                                                                    


The Almighty oxygen jet ionizes the gas of the air and creates the oxygen of 93% purity under the high pressure separation method. Together with the special design nozzle, lance boom and facial mask, the jet injects, spays and inhales the oxygen directly to the wrinkle and dry skin, which makes the skin absorbs the oxygen quickly, adds the activity of the human cells and accelerates its metabolism. So that it can reach an unbelievable treatment effect. Meanwhile, it also can use the suction of the sucking pen to cleanse the lymph, use the Bio biology current to pull into skin.


About PDT therapy machine

Principle of PDT LED light therapy machine
Photodynamic therapy is a new technology, using the photo power to do skin
maintenance and treatment, use soft photons to initiate cell directly, transfer light energy
to cell energy, without external hormones, then accelerate cell growth and blood
circulation, stimulate fiber cells to produce collagen proteins, increase skin elasticity and
take important part in rehabbing aging and acne skin, lightening flecks, skin upgrade and
tighten and easing burnable skin, no side effects.

Function of PDT LED light therapy machine
Red light The most penetrating power, promoting recycling and increase the oxygen content in the blood, activating cells, enhancing energy efficiency, promoting collagen proliferation, improving wrinkles, effective treatment of aging, skin relaxation and products deep absorption.
Blue light Bacteria killing,skin cleaning,cell activation,injury recovery,promoting protein-ossein composition.
Purple light Red and blue light is the dual-band light;it combines both the effectiveness of light the rapy,especially useful in treating and repairing acne and acne-scars.
Green light Effective reduction of melanin cell,decreased pigment formation,adjustment of skin gland function, adjustment of skin gland function,reduction of grease gland excitation.
Yellow light Improving cell's oxygen alternation function,promoting mirco circulation,decomposing pigment,promoting lymph posion discharge,curing skin roughness,red spots and deficient circulations.
Orange light Increase cells energy in proper sequence,it can acceler ateme tabolism effectively.
Laser light Penetrate deep layer of skin,Accelerate active tissue's metabolism,decompose splash,improve fine lines and flabby skin.







1. Cleaning: After cleaning the face, to wait for the skins dry and start spraying the oxygen. The procedure should be matched with the diamond peel better.
2. Lymph Drainage: Use the Vacuum Pen to do lymph drainage with following the lymph way. (About 15 minutes)

3. Oxygen spray: Use Mist Sprayer to spray oxygen on the face to make skins accommodate with the pure oxygen status, to strengthen cells of face rejuvenate and metabolism.(About 10 minutes)

4. Dermabrasion: adopt the dermabrasion with pressure and follow the face skins textures to massage, lift and remove wrinkles. (About 20 minutes)

5. Oxygen scent: Wear the Oxygen Mask to do Oxygen scent treatment, 15 minutes better.


6. Mask: Suggestion is to use some Mask that can make up water and nutrition.


7. Suggestion treatment: 12 times one course, the first 8 times should be two times one week, the latter 4 times should be one time one week.


Analysis chart for steady courses within six weeks



Multifunctional DeviceAdjustable Vacuum Level
Various Eddy Current Probes OptionalMultifunctional Professional Face Care Device
Automatic Facial Deep Skin CleansingCosmetic Product Jet and Absorption

Accessories List                                                                                   


1Main machine ( with Handle )1pcs
2Oxygen mask1pcs
4Oxygen jet peeling pen1pcs

Dermabrasion handle

Dermabrasion tips







1. What is the Payment Terms?

Re: T/T (Wire Transfer), Western Union

2. How do you delivery the machine?

Re: By door to door service, say DHL,UPS,TNT,FEDEX,etc ,Or air cargo

3. What about the delivery?

Re: About 3-5 working days.

4. What’s your warranty?

Re: 36 months for host machine.

5. Do you offer clinical training?

Re: Yes .Welcome to our company for free and professional training.

6. Do you offer OEM/ODM service?

Re: Yes .Welcome to contact us for more details.


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