3 Phase 20 - 400VAC Shoe Making Production Line / Automatic Cutting Machine

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3 Phase 20 - 400VAC Shoe Making Production Line / Automatic Cutting Machine

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Product Details


ALEX-3001 Shoes Automatic Cutting Machine with Pneumatic Knife


Quick Detail:


  1. Name: Shoes Automatic Cutting Machine with Pneumatic Knife
  2. Brand name: ALEX
  3. Automatic grade: full automatic
  4.   Machine type: CNC cutting machine
  5. Computerized: Yes
  6.  Cutting dies: No
  7.  Pattern: No
  8.  Software: CAD
  9.  Technology: Italy
  10.   Quality: AAA+
  11.   Cutting materials: shoes upper and soles materials;

3 Phase 20 - 400VAC Shoe Making Production Line / Automatic Cutting Machine

Product Description:


ALEX-3001 Shoes Automatic Cutting Machine with Pneumatic Knife is a perfect combination of technique and technology. With this machine, you can conduct rapid nesting and efficient cutting operation, while saving time, manpower and material. This Computerized Cutting Machine is an improved product from the model ALEX-3000 Automatic Leather Cutting Machine, It not only works for genuine leathers, other kinds of flexible material, but also for the thick and hard materials, such as shoes soles, belts. Because it uses the vibrating knife pneumatic technology for high quality results. It is able to cut expanded materials up to 10~20 mm of thickness included natural or synthetic hide, materials for soles, insoles, counters or multilayer even in strips or sheets.

It is designed for sample cutting and small bulk production, specially providing a revolutionary cutting solution for footwear, case and bag, car and plane chair, furniture and apparel industries. As to say this  automatic leather cutting system is applying to large-size synthetic materials, accurate cutting precision and perfect cutting effect, it is the first choice for cutting leather, artificial leather, offset plate, composite materials, etc.

This CNC Leather Cutting Machine is of easier operation;

1. Nesting, cutting, fabric picking up could be done simultaneously, increase productivity;

2. Pattern marker, high fabric utilization rate;

3. Equipped with the unique dual projector layout, dual head cutting, including big punching head/small punching head/Red marker/Mercury pen and knife.



Function Menu:


Structure: Separation of body and frame design, to avoid the work of the vibration machine offset of projection; Workstations with high-profile host advanced-tech industrial; ST short throw projectors use direct projection; DELL 22-inch high-definition display.

1.     Reducing cost, No need for cutting dies any  more, can save more time and material;

2.     Meeting our customer`s need for products difficulty value and precision, complicated style design is difficult for cutting dies, but it is very easy for YiLi cutting machine;

3.     Reducing labor and lower worker`s labor intensity. Multi-function head can mark and punch, can neglect many manual processes such as marking, punching and so on;

4.     High efficiency, one working platform has two working areas, it can improve work efficiency by one for cutting, one for type-setting, also can work with automatic type-setting machine, it can achieve the goal of high efficiency and capacity;

5.     Easy to operate, easy to learn.



Computer Cutting System of This CNC Cutting Machine:


1.     A complete cutting system outputs machinery cutting file from 2D design software, integrative system of separate type-setting and cutting. Accurately deduce the mellow lines of shoes, cutting machine can cut more flexible;

2.     Steady machine body can effectively prevent the deviation caused by vibration. Our goal is more accurate instead of the most accurate;

3.     Projector beam with high-decibel can project onto the work surface directly, it makes the pictures more clearly.

4.     Combining the projector and machine body into a single unit, to avoid generating the shift phenomenon of projector caused by head`s wave motion;

5.     Two working panels, cutting alternating, to process cutting and rewinding at the same time, can improve the working efficiency more intelligently;

6.      Flat working platform and powerful vacuum suction system can absorb the leather onto the cutting area effectively, it makes the cutting process more perfectly;

7.     Perfect type-setting program, for the regular material, have the pesto tools such as copy, create modules, type-setting automatically, etc. For irregular materials, we can type-set manually to meet your requirement;

8.     Due to the multi-functional cutting head, we can change the knife, punching devices, pens, punctuation and other tools according to different materials, and finish the punching, marking and cutting by one step, combine many jobs into one;

9.     According to the different leathers, it can adjust the cutting speed automatically;

10.  YiLi leather cutting machine is a new equipment without cutting dies, it is the significant machine which transferred leather cutting from manually to automatically;

11.  Infrared security system intelligently ensures the safety of operators;

12.  Highly configured host is antimagnetic and shock-proof, it keeps the machine operate more smoothly.






Model No.:



Automatic Cutting Machine

Machine type:


Original materials:

Stainless steel/iron

Cutting materials:

Hard/ multi-layers





Max Speed:



3 phase 20-400VAC 50-60HZ 7.5KW


Mono-phase 200-240VAC 60-60HZ 2KW

Max Cutting Thickness:


Vacuum Suction:

6~8 BAR

Working Area:













1 year





This machine applies to the hard/double layers materials of footwear, clothes, handbag, belts and furniture industrial products of easy & safe operation.



Competitive Advantage:


1.     Italian Advanced Technology

2.     Italian Quality

3.     Original Spare Parts

4.     Made in China

5.     Fast Delivery Time

6.     Best After-sales service with professional technicians

7.     Reasonable Price


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