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Sintered powder metallrugy rod guide with proper load capacity used in car shocks

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Sintered powder metallrugy rod guide with proper load capacity used in car shocks

Country/Region china
City & Province ningbo zhejiang
Categories Shafts

Product Details

Sintered powder metallrugy rod guide with proper load capacity used in car shocks


Material :


(MPIF 35) FC-0205 (DIN 30910-4) Sint C10, Fe, Balance, Cu 1.5-3.9%, C 0.3-0.6%


Density:  6.4-6.9 g/cm3 after steam oxidation


Hardness: 60-115 HRB, loading 1 kN, diameter of ball 1/16"


Surface Treatment: 
Steam oxidation, 2 hours, Fe3O4: 0.004-0.005mm, degree of oxidation 2-4%


Unspecified Tolerance:
ISO 2768 - m / H14, h14, +- IT14/2


No crumbling, cracks, exfoliation, voids, looseness, metal pitting and other defects


The sintered part have several major advantages:


(A) High precision due to mold- Based production


(B) Low price due to its inherent feature of automation for mass production


(C) Flexibility of material composition due to wide variety of powder formula on Fe- Cu- Ni alloy






P/M Copper and Copper Alloys

P/M Iron and Carbon Steel

Iron And Carbon Steel

Iron-Copper And Copper Steel

Sinter Hardened Steel

Commix Low Alloy Steel

Surface treatment 

Sand Blasting

Zinc/Chrome Plating

Rust-preventive treatment (steaming treating)



Powder Coating





Rod guider




Raw material: F50 U3 60 sinter powder metal


Hardness: 70-90HRB


Density: 6.0g/cm3


Net weight is 101.44g


Our main sinter parts category:


Valve Plate, Helix Gear, Air Cylinder, ABS Sensor Rings


Pulley, shock absorber spare parts, sprocket wheel, Spur Gear


Lock Accessory, Oil Pump Rotors & Gears, Sprocket Wheel


Other Sintered PM Products



Material Available and Chemical Composition:


P/M Copper and Copper Alloys


P/M Iron and Carbon Steel


Iron and Carbon Steel


Iron-Copper and Copper Steel


Iron-Nickel and Nickel Steel


Low Alloy Steel


Commix Low Alloy Steel


Sinter Hardened Steel


Diffusion Alloyed Steel


Copper Infiltrated Iron and Steel


1. XIAYI is a professional powder metallurgy manufacturer.


2. Process: mixing--compacting--sintering--resizing--cleaning--vacuum oiling--packing


3. Material: steel, copper, steel copper, bronze, alloy.


4. High precision, 100% test assure good quality


5. We can make the products according to customers' drawings or requirement.


6. Short deliver time.


7. The products we produce are widely used in automobile, motorcycle and many other fields like


transmission gear, spur gear, bevel gear, helical gear, sleeve, copper sleeve, sleeve bearing, bushing,


bush, pulley, timing pulley, structural parts, powder metallurgy parts, nut, auto parts, sintered parts, rotor


and stator etc.





1. Automotive Part


2. Motorcycle Part


3. Pump Parts


4. Locomotive Parts


5. Machinery Parts


6. Tool Parts



Competitive Advantage:


1. Very tight tolerance and high density


2. Uniform heat treatment and steam treatment


3. Precise metal-working finishing


4. Higher mechanical performance


5. Professional technology service



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