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temperature and humidity test box

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temperature and humidity test box

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temperature and humidity test box
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Use: constant temperature and humidity test simulation of various functions of temperature and humidity environment, applicable to the detection electronics, automotive, rubber, plastics, metals and other products in a variety of adverse circumstances, such as reliability and stability of parameters. Will be made available to you to predict and improve product quality and reliability basis.
me in the use of imported materials SUS304 # mirror stainless steel, and steel plate for me outside the paint, box -
with CNC machining shape, nice shape. Insulation material used high-intensity PU foam
And the high density of glass fiber cotton, and can avoid unnecessary energy loss.
large glass window design, viewing angle in all directions; hollow electric plating film anti-condensation design, the
Purchase lights to facilitate real-time observation of the trial in the state for testing.
large-size LCD display screens, simple, easy to edit programs.
PID with automatic routing features, a failure message display.
an RS-232 communication interface, matching records, rechargeable strong.
have the timing contact, and able to cope with dynamic testing of post-mortem.
a system-wide security protection and multi-functional memory blackouts.
freezers imported by the French original armored warriors compressor and use environmentally-friendly refrigerant (R134a, R404a, R23)
refrigeration system uses low-temperature unit or dual-loop system design.
use of more powerful wing-blower air supply cycle, to avoid any dead ends, temperature and humidity will test the region evenly distributed.
wind direction cycle Chuichu wind back the adoption of side wind design, air pressure, wind speed tests are in compliance with standards and could open the door instantaneous temperature and humidity
stabilized time soon.
heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification system totally independent to improve efficiency and reduce testing costs, increase life expectancy and lower failure rate.
Model JTH-50P (S) JTH-80P (S) JTH-100P (S) JTH-150P (S) JTH-225P (S) JTH-408P (S) JTH-800P (S) JTH-1000P (S)
Key Features P representative may Procedure (touch-screen control), S representative of Standard (microcomputer digital control)
Temperature range A: 0 ~ 150B: -20 ~ 150C: -35 ~ 150D: -60 ~ 150E: -70 ~ 150
Humidity range of 20% to 98%
Temperature stability of the P-type0.5/ S Type1
Humidity stability of the P-type1.5% RH / S Type2.5% RH
P-type temperature control accuracy: 0.01/ S Type: 1
P-type humidity control accuracy0.1% RH / S Type1% RH
The entire process or cooling rate per minute on average 0.7~ 1.2(non-linear no-load)
Size of me
D * W * H (cm) 32 * 35 * 45 40 * 40 * 50 40 * 45 * 55 50 * 50 * 60 50 * 60 * 75 60 * 80 * 85 80 * 100 * 100 100 * 100 * 100
Size of me
D * W * H (cm) 70 * 80 * 140 85 * 85 * 145 85 * 90 * 150 95 * 95 * 155 95 * 105 * 170 105 * 125 * 180 125 * 145 * 195 145 * 145 * 195
In line with standard GB, GJB, IEC, ISO, ASTM, UL…


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