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Smc Machine, FRP Pregreg Machine, Sheet Molding Compound Machine

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                 SMC PRODUCTION LINE, SMC Prepreg Machine, SMC Sheet Machine                     


SMC Machine is used to produce SMC which is made as a continuous sheet. The resin paste is transferred to a doctor box where it is deposited onto a moving carrier film passing directly beneath. The doctor box controls the amount of the resin paste applied. Simultaneously, glass fiber roving are fed into a rotary cutter above the resin-covered carrier film. Fibers are chopped to length (generally 25mm, or 50mm) and randomly deposited onto the resin paste. The amount of glass is controlled by the cutter and by the speed of the carrier film. Downstream from the chopping operation, a second carried film is coated with resin paste and is laid, resin side down, on top of the chopped fibers. This stage of the process creates a resin paste and glass fiber 'sandwich' which is then sent through a series of compaction rollers where the glass fibers are consolidated with the resin paste and air is squeezed out of the sheet.

SMC Machine Technical introduction:
1. Conveying device. The machine adapts double chain belt conveying PE film with materials. Chain belt drive controlled by frequency inverter, operation stable, speed regulation precision, frequency modulation accuracy up to 0.01Hz.
2. PE Carried Films feeding device adopts pneumatic controlling film tension, and a PE film flattening, anti wrinkle function mechanism is provided, to ensure the film constant tension and no fold feed into the paste area.
3. Doctor Box Device. It adopts high precision scraper and the bottom plate parts, its clearance accuracy can be 0.1mm, to ensure the paste evenly coated to PE film. In order to prevent the resin paste impurities particles scratch PE film, the machine is equipped with pneumatic lifter, can conveniently and quickly make the scraper up and down.
4. Glass fiber cutting device: it controls the pressure of cutting roller and PU roller in pneumatic way, and the blades installed spirally, to ensure the smooth operation, improve the life of the blade and yarn quality. The cutting roller speed controlled by frequency conversion, which ensures the precision of yarn cutting. The glass fiber cutting device and chain belt device together ensure high precision and stability of yarn content in final products.
5. impregnation and compaction device: the impregnation and compaction is fulfilled by a series of rollers, and the pneumatic pressure work on these rollers, to ensure the mixing quality of yarn and resin paste.
6. Roller packing or Box packing device: there are two kinds collection methods on this machine, that's roller packing and box packing. It equips with tension adjustment, to ensure the quality of the collection, better for sheet thickening.
7. Models: SMC500, SMC1000, SMC1200, SMC1500. For more information, please contact with us.

8. the smc projects we make including SMC Electric Parts, SMC water tanks, SMC Roof tile, SMC Manhole Cover, SMC Auto Spare Parts, Pipe using UV Curing SMC Project.


Q: Why choose us?

A: 1. with 20+ years experiences on SMC Machine & BMC Machine;

2. pre-sales and after-sales service from our professional team;

3. supply quality machines at very competitive price for you;

4. 12 months warranty for the machine and offer technical support at any time;

5. One-stop shopping service Including equipment design, manufacture, test and shipment, save your time and purchasing cost.

Please send us your inquiries if any interest!

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