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Shfirst is in elv systems limited

Shfirst is in elv systems limited

About Us

Shfirst is in "elv systems professional solution business" under the guidance of the concept of the establishment of a leading integrated IT service provider; We revolve around customer needs continuous innovation, opening up and cooperation with the partners, in the telecommunications network, enterprises, consumers and cloud computing in areas such as building the end-to-end solutions; We specialized in product sales and technical services in the field of intelligent building, for telecom operators, such as businesses and consumers to provide competitive solutions and services, enhance the customer experience, to create maximum value for customers; Mainly involved in integrated wiring products, cabinets and room series products, network switch series of products, enterprise WLAN smart WIFI series products and so on, our service team has been in Shanghai, Beijing, xian, chengdu, shenyang, chengdu and other places.
In 2007, the Shfirst sign distribution agreement with nanjing putian, become the nanjing putian TianJi integrated wiring in Shanghai area dealers, responsible for sales and technical support in Shanghai!
In 2009, the Shfirst to realize resource integration and LanBei group, become LINKBASIC LanBei total generation integrated wiring and cabinet products in east China, responsible for LINKBASIC LanBei integrated wiring and cabinet products in east China market operation.
In 2010, the Shfirst with the deep understanding of Chinese intelligent building and solid strength and highly respected in Germany group signed a strategic agreement, become DAGON highly integrated wiring in China general agent, responsible for DAGON highly respected in the Chinese district of channel construction, brand promotion and product sales, to Germany advanced products and technologies to China's huge market, enable customers to enjoy the pleasure of technology.
In 2011, Shfirst in consolidate their integrated wiring business colleagues, actively explore new areas and to WIFI based application of wireless products and Internet of things technology penetration, and the nasdaq listed company signed an agreement to MERU, become the MERU total generation wireless products in east China area, is responsible for the United States advanced wireless and Internet technology to the p

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Company Name: Shfirst is in elv systems limited
Country: China
Website: http://www.shfirst.com/