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18.5 KW Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine High Strength with Big Rib

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18.5 KW Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine High Strength with Big Rib

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City & Province wuxi jiangsu
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Product Details

 18.5 KW Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine High Strength with Big Rib



Floor decking forming machine consists of uncoiler and its base, coil sheet guiding equipment, roll forming system, post-cutting equipment, hydraulic station, controlling system, supporter table. The corrugated profile sheet produced by this machine has high strength with big rib, which adheres well to concrete. It’s best to be used as the floor of high buildings, and the cost of such floor is low.


Technical Parameters


Material Spec
Thickness of Coil Sheet
Main Motor Power
Forming Speed
Hydraulic Station Power
Quantity of Stands
Hydraulic Pressure
Controlling System
Index Error of Length
Total Weight
: Galvanized steel sheet
: 0.8 --1.2 mm
: 18.5kw
: 10--12m/min
: 3kw
: About 24 groups
: 10~12Mpa
: 10m±2mm
: About 1800kg
: 380V 3 phase 60Hz or to the buyer's requirement

Standard Equipment of Machine


Passive uncoiler
Guiding equipment
Rolling forming equipment
Pressing equipment
Post-cut equipment
Hydraulic station
PLC controlling desk
Supporter table
Security cover (optional)
: 1pcs
: 1set  
: 1set
: 1set
: 1set
: 1pcs
: 1 pcs
: 2 pcs 
: 1set


Further Information of Steel Floor Decking Sheet Machine


Steel floor decking sheet is rolled by  series steel floor decking roll forming machine, the finished products are of many features, such as simple shape, large wave height, high intensity and good adhesiveness when pouring the concrete together with the welded steel wire net on-site. In the high-storey building, it not only can save steel mould board, but also reduce the bearing of the floor; on basis of equal capacity, it reduces the steel amount of engineering useage, so that it saves cost of investment.

Steel floor deck roll forming machine consists of uncoiler and its base, infeed guides, fixed position driven forming stations, shearing device, hydraulic station, PLC control console and so on. Our company has dozens of profile models for this series roll forming machine, such as WLFD66-225-675, WLFD76-344-688, and etc. We can design different kinds of profile and fittings for downpipe machine, as per customers' requirements.


Working Flow

Uncoiling→Sheet Guiding→Straightening &Levelling→(Hole Punching)→Measuring Length &Shearing→Roll Forming→Sheet to support table.



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Decking Sheet Application


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