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Molybdenum ore processing plant

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Molybdenum ore beneficiation
Molybdenum ore beneficiation sorting operation is make already monomer dissociated ore through appropriate means to achieve the process of separation of useful minerals and gangue. Commonly used methods:
1, flotation seprator dressing method(referred to as the flotation method). Flotation is depending on the mineral surface of the hole wet, add the appropriate agents, mineral sorting process is carried out in the molybdenum ore beneficiation equipment. It's widely used to handle the vast majority of ore.
2, magnetic separation.The magnetic separation is based on the mineral magnetism, and sorting process adopt magnetic separator. This method mainly is used to deal with the ferrous metal ores and precious metals ore.
3, gravity separation method(referred to as the re-election). Re-election is the use of the density of different minerals in different media (water, air or heavy medium) velocity and trajectory to achieve the separation method. It is widely used to select the tungsten, tin, gold and iron, manganese and other ores, and other non-ferrous metals, precious metals and non-gold flexor ore is also commonly use the weighing method sorting. The re-election is carried out in various types of re-election equipment.

Molybdenum ore flotation beneficiation
Molybdenum ore beneficiation is the use of difference of fossil physical or physical and chemical properties, with a variety of molybdenum ore beneficiation equipment (flotation separator), to make useful minerals in the ore and gangue mineral separated, and to achieve relatively rich in useful minerals.

Molybdenum ore production line
Molybdenum ore before sent into flotation beneficiation process, it usually needs two-step crushing in order to achieve the requirements on the granularity of the processing operations. The first step is crushing. Impose a certain pressure on ore by crushing machinery (jaw crusher) so that the ore can be broken. To make the crushing more effectively, screening machinery to match commonly used in the process of crushing. Therefore, the crushing and screening is an important part of the crushing operation. A large number of ore during crushing and screening process, are transported by belt conveyor and all operations are organically linked to form a crushing and screening process.

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