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Antimony ore beneficiation process and equipment

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Antimony ore beneficiation process and equipment

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Antimony ore dressing equipment is required to be determined according to the nature of the antimony ore beneficiation process ��antimony ore types corresponding antimony ore processing equipment, so as to achieve good beneficiation economic indicators. As a professional manufacturer of mineral processing equipment,Jiangsu Zhongbo Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. here for everyone make a brief introduction of antimony ore beneficiation equipment, sorting equipment, and processing equipment.

Antimony ore processing equipment:
Tilting feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, flotation machine spiral classifier, concentration, stirring, barrels and other equipment. Beneficiation equipment of flotation machine also is fit for colored black metal selection, can also be used for non-metallic, such as: coal fluorite, talc sorting.

Antimony ore purification:
purification of the antimony ore should be according to ore type, mineral composition, mineral structure and embedded Bute and other physical and chemical properties as the basic conditions to choose, we must also consider the price of the component content and adapt antimony metallurgical technology requirements and ultimately, the economic benefits. Antimony ore beneficiation methods contain hand-picked, re-election, heavy media, flotation, etc.. Flotation is the most important method of election of antimony ore. Antimony sulfide minerals are easy floating minerals, most of the flotation method to improve the ore sites. Of them: first, often use lead salts as activator, it also can use copper salt or lead salt copper salt used along with the income, and then use the S & P Pharmacy flotation.

Antimony ore flotation equipment:
Antimony ore flotation device mainly contain crusher, ball mill, classifier, mixing barrels, flotation separator, with high equipment investment, high operating costs, affected by a number of reasons, now more popular antimony ore beneficiation for method adopts re-election - flotation process. Our plant produced flotation device has the following characteristics: inspiratory capacity, low power consumption. Each slot is with aspiration, the midge and flotation triple function, which self form a flotation circuit, without any auxiliary equipment, horizontal configuration, easy to process changes, reasonable slurry circulation, minimizes grit sedimentation. It is equiped with slutty controlled device, easy to adjust. Impeller with backward curved upper and lower blades, upper leaves generate the pulp upper cycle, the next leaves produce the pulp lower loop.

Antimony ore beneficiation process of production line equipment:
The original antimony ore particle size 400-480mm, adopts three-stage crushing, the broken material after washing and mine election draw qualified ore sent to the fine crusher, the final particle size less than 10mm, and then enter a period of grinding, grinding particle size of less than 0.074mm, antimony ore beneficiation process using heavy media - flotation process. The flotation concentrate through Sec dehydration can be up to moisture 15-18% of the final concentrate.

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