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Magnetite ore dressing line

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Magnetite ore dressing line

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Magnetite beneficiation process is generally crushing, pre-selected cast the waste, grinding, classification, magnetic separation. Ball Mill adopts energy saving cone ball mill, magnetic separator using a new composite magnetic system , thus energy-saving effect is significant with high production efficiency, high recovery rate and thoroughly separation; After the period of screening of the of magnetic concentrate through the high-frequency fine sieve, regrinding and the process of re-election are effectively improve the quality of production efficiency and iron powder. Some of the iron powder with excessive harmful impurities adopts a new anti-flotation process, and can completely solve the problem of high impurity content in some of the ore iron powder.

Magnetite beneficiation process
The most extensive magnetite beneficiation process is wet and dry joint beneficiation process, mainly the three magnetic separation of ore and then through the wet material magnetic separation. Magnetic separation of the selected magnetic field strength is between 400 and 1200GS, the magnetic roller speed is varied from 60 to 320 rev / min, the wet material by dehydration become finished products of iron ore powder, generally 35% of the iron content in ore, after magnetic separation by this method ,iron ore powder iron content up to 68 ~ 70% . The ore utilization by joint process method can be up to 90% , using less water in the process, and also save water, reduce costs, reduce pollution. Magnetic separation in the dust by the dust removal device capture, will not cause air pollution.

Magnetite ore dressing equipment
1. crushing process:
due to the hardness of the iron ore, coarse broken adopts a large jaw crusher, vibrating feeder in front of the crusher, give into the jaw crusher mineral raw materials at the same time, screening for the ore + 75mm and -75mm two kinds of grain size, +75 mm grain size into the jaw crusher for coarse break, -75mm grain size into the cone crusher.
2. grinding process:due to the hardness of the ore, disseminated fine particle size, using the ordinary period of grinding processes is difficult to achieve production and monomer dissociation degree, and the process uses two grinding processes so that both reduce the mineral to excessive wear caused by the ore mud and enhance mill efficiency, to increase production to achieve the required grinding fineness.
3. sorting process:the selection process using three permanent magnet drum magnetic separator selection, some sorting using a magnetic separator, Sec sorting using a roughing separator selected magnetic machine in order to achieve the above requirements in concentrate grade of 63. The sorting process add a demagnetized process, to take off minerals minerals brought by the magnetic separation process, to avoid generate magnetic flux linkage that affects the upgrade of the concentrate grade.

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