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shanghai apple repair service store

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Address: No. 59 Shui cheng south RD, Chang ning district Shanghai

Contact name:James

shanghai apple repair service store

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Apple Repair Services
We provide support for all kinds of Apple Products in shanghai.

Our Services include:
Macbook/Pro/Air Logic Board Repair Expert
iMac Logic Board & LCD Repair
Mac Water, Coffee, Juice etc. liquid damage motherboard Repair Expert
Macbook power on no display problem solution
Mac over heating, very hot problem solution
Macbook/Pro/Air broken LCD Panel repair
iPad1 & iPad 2 LCD & Touch panel repair
Apple Mac software problems solution
Mac wireless networking and Printing setup
Macbook/Pro/Air body & keyboard replacement
Mac OS installation and support for 10.4 (Tiger) 10.5 (Leopard), 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion)
Macbook/Pro/Air spinning wheel problem solution
Mac virus/spyware removal
iPod, iPhone LCD Replacement
Macbook/Pro/Air Battery and charger available
Mac Hardware upgrades like Ram and Hard Drive
Time Capsule, Airport Extreme setup and installation
Mac wireless data backup setup
iPhone, iPad, Mac data sync setup
Macbook/Pro/Air LCD and Body cleaning services.


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Company Name: shanghai apple repair service store
City: shanghai
Province: shanghai
Country: china
Address: No. 59 Shui cheng south RD, Chang ning district Shanghai